Ejaculation Trainer Review

Matt Gorden's book Ejaculation Trainer first shocked me when I opened it.
It had almost twice as many pages as any other electronic guide I had ever seen before!

Can one person really have that much more to say without digressing or including methods to cure premature ejaculation that do not work?

The author

I think the main difference is that Matt has not only suffered from premature ejaculation but the topic is also closely related to his job. He works in sexual therapy and is also involved in researching various topics of human sexuality. No wonder he took the topic to his heart and did thorough research.

In contrast to his scientific background stands his writing style which is youthful and easy to understand.   

Matt Gorden is not using terms or language you can not understand just to pretend he knows what he is talking about.

This Ejaculation Trainer review now continues with an overview of the content of the book...

Content of Ejaculation Trainer

What I liked about the start of the book was that Matt distances himself at once from overnight solutions. Instead he promises a simple system that will cure your premature ejaculation over a period of 1 -8 weeks, depending on how seriously you are affected.

He goes in great detail about the right mindset regarding premature ejaculation and also gives some scientific background regarding the ejaculation process.

Following all the therapy he goes on to describing the actual techniques. Let me tell you, if you want detailed description not leaving anything out Matt Gorden’s book is the right choice for you!

And there's more...

If you prefer short, summary-style information you will drag yourself through this book. You will have the feeling Matt loses himself in details. On the other hand this way he does in fact deliver details I haven’t found anywhere else.

Another thing I liked a lot in the book was his idea to making your girl more responsive to stimulation. He calls this concept priming her for orgasm. The idea is simple but genius. If your girl needs less stimulation to reach orgasm she’ll be fully satisfied with the sex even if you don’t last very long.
Summary Ejaculation Trainer Review

Overall Matt Gorden has created a complete and very thorough guide for everyone seeking advice on how to fix premature ejaculation. Despite his tendency to run riot Matt’s easy-to-understand writing style makes the book a light but very educational read.

Matt also throws in a natural penis enlargement guide and tips on how to give your girl better orgasms. I found especially the later one a great addition to his orgasm priming theory mentioned above.

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