Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How to Get Ripped Arms

How to get ripped arms really comes down to doing the proper workouts as part of your routines. The following exercises isolate the various muscles within the arms, while all having their own particular positive affects.

Bicep Muscles

You can lift more by strengthening your bicep through regular exercises that target that specific muscle. You can really work out your bicep effectively by doing these exercises.

Bicep Curl Exercises

Using either a pair of dumbbells or a barbell, maintain a straight posture with both elbows stationed against the side of your body as you are curling. While holding onto the barbell with both hands, the palms should be facing the ceiling.

Lift the weight up towards your chest. Then, gradually lower the weight, until they are back in the original position.

Using a light weight do five reps, twice to warm the body up, and following that using a heavier weight, do 5 repetitions of 3 sets, with the last one being very challenging to complete.

Preacher Curl

With either an exercise ball or workout bench start off.

Have a dumbbell in hand. As the palms are facing up, extend your arm. Curl the dumbbell up to a 45 degree angle. Hold that position for a short time, and then allow your arm to extend back outwards. Do this 5x for 5 sets.

Triceps Exercises

The muscles behind your upper arms are referred to as the triceps. These are typically exercised each time there is any force against it. The following are great ways to work the triceps out.

The Close Grip Bench Press Exercise

The palms should be facing forward and away from you when doing so.

As you are lying flat on the bench, position your hands on the barbell. The hands should be a bit more closer together in width than usual.

Push upwards, lifting the weight with your arms fully extended. Then, bring the barbell back down close to your chest and repeat the process for five sets of five reps.

How The Tricep Dip Works

Parallel bars, or two firm chairs will be suitable as long as they can support you well. If you are using bars, take a firm grip of them, or with chairs, hold onto the edge of the chairs. Lift your legs up into the air. Lift your body up with your triceps. Dip your back back down. And, with your triceps, push back upwards.

Do this five times as well.

Forearms and Grip

This is a crucial exercise for strengthening the forearms that is often forgotten.

Doing Wrist Curls

While sitting on a bench, have your forearms placed against your thighs. Having a dumbbell in hand, palms upwards and the forearms facing out.

Take a dumbbell in both hands, with the palms upwards. Then, curl the wrists up, having the forearms remain level. And, let the wrists relax as you return to the initial position.

Keep doing so slowly until you start feeling exhausted. A reverse exercise can be to place your palms facing downwards, and curl the wrists forwards.

Working each of the key muscle groups can make sure it is a good way for how to get ripped arms. Arms should be trained at the most a maximum of three times every week. With protein used to enhance muscle growth.

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