Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ways To Exercise With Your Home Fitness Equipment

The ever-evolving fitness industry and the growing trend of getting gym-like workouts at home has led to the innovation of some state-of-the-art and effective home-use fitness equipment. One such piece of fitness equipment is the air climber stepper, which has already changed the way that many people workout at home.
The fitness stepper, since its launch, has been a very popular brand when it comes to home fitness exercise equipment. There are a number of reasons the air climber has become a big hit amongst people aiming to lose weight. The fitness stepper is portable, affordable, easy to use and store and above all, it can help you to slim and tone many areas of your body. The fitness exercise stepper is conceptualized and designed by fitness guru and a former American Aerobics Champion, Brenda Dygraf.
The Air Climber uses the unique Air Power Technology (APT) that allows you to exercise smoothly, without causing pain or discomfort. It uses the power of air to create resistance for your workouts. This ensures that your joints and your muscles do not suffer. This feature makes workouts enjoyable and fitness regimes turn into fun-sessions. One more point that has increased the popularity of the stepper is the fact that it can also allow easy fat burning. This can be done through aerobic stepping exercises and cardio workouts that the stepper allows you to perform. Besides, from the cardio, here are some exercises that can be done with the fitness stepper.
Workouts with the stepper
Aerobic stepping

You can do this basic warm up exercise on the fitness stepper. It allows you to be physically active, burn calories and lose weight. With the help of the instructional DVD, you can find great aerobics exercises for starting-off with this equipment.
Basic stepping

You can call it your 'First Step' on the stepper. It is the best way to start your exercise regime with simple stepping exercises with the fitness stepper. This is a fun way to begin your fitness schedule and a good warm up routine as well.
The super 7 workout

This exercise allows the toning of 7 core muscles of your body, making it an all-round fitness schedule. This is a 30 minute session is also a good cardio workout and it helps you tone your upper body, lower body, abs and arms. 
Burn and firm

This is a 20-minute workout, which is a culmination of ab exercises, cardio and toning. This involves the toning of muscles such as calves, thighs, hips, abs, buttocks and arms. It also burns calories fast and results in effective weight loss.
Air Tight Abs

This exercise is focused on allowing you to get perfect abs and to help you tone your oblique muscles. Brenda takes you through a number of different ab exercises in the DVD and these exercises are a good way to remove the flab near the waist and the midriff region and to get that perfect six-pack.
These simple and easy-to-do exercises can help you to maintain a healthy body weight, allow to burn fat and get your body in perfect shape.

By this article Jeff Brendon an author of fitness related articles, provides information on different ways to get effective fitness exercise with the Air Climber home fitness equipment in an easy and quicker way.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Weider Pro 5500 Home System Multi Gym Review

Weider Pro 5500 Home System Multi Gym could be your ultimate home gym system with its complete and essential workout programs. You can experience a comfortable, safe and fruitful work out on this piece of gym equipment. This multi gym system unit can offer you almost all body building exercises. It is possible to perform abdominal crunches, triceps and biceps, pull down exercises, and later back exercises. Weider Pro 5500 ensures an effective training of all the muscles of your body as it provides the right amount of pressure and force on the certain areas of your body.

The machine comes with a built-in single stack of 85 kilos of resistance and promises to be a long lasting training equipment to tone your body. You can enjoy your workouts in a comfortable position as this multi gym has an adjustable seat along with a preacher pad. The padded butterfly arms provide a comfortable position to your arms while exercising.

You can perform about 28 different exercises on this diverse home multi gym. These exercises include Chest Press Chest Fly, Lateral Raise, Bent Lateral Raise, Single Arm Preacher Curls, Bent Row, Calf Raise, Abdominal Crunches, Oblique Crunches, Leg Curls, Hip Abductions, Shoulder Raise, Shoulder Shrug and many more.

The product comes with two years warranty and has dimensions 200x110x210 cms with a Wight of 150 Kgs. The maximum user weight recommended by the manufacturer is 135 Kgs or 300 lbs. Other accessories included with the package are Let Bar, Ankle strap and a handle. A detailed workout chart is also included in the package that helps the user to perform workouts correctly and efficiently. The Multi Grip Lat Bar allows you to perform back workout properly without any problem. You can use various hand positions while working out to tone your back muscles. With the help of the arm press, you can achieve full gym training of arms and chest muscles with ease and efficiency. Another feature of the machine is the leg developer that enables you to perform leg curls and leg extensions without any hindrance.

This home gym system requires a substantial amount of space, as it appears to be a large structure when fully assembled. So bring this quality piece of exercise kit to your home, achieve a tone, and attractively built body while training at home. If you are lucky enough, you might get the product an affordable range.

You can find price and order info of Weider Pro 5500 Review from our website UK Sporting Goods.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weight Benches - The Best of the Gym Equipment

In any exercise center, the need for work benches is a must. Of all the equipment that is present, the weight benches are very important. These give the people who exercise a lot of versatility and many options for exercise. There are many types of benches that are available but most often they come as flat types. These can be adjusted according to the needs of the person and the type of work that is given to them. Most often a weight bench is the most important tool in the gym equipment. With just these benches one can gain fantastic results.

Previously there used to be only flat benches, now there are many developments in the types that are available. These were the best form of exercise in those days. Many different forms were practiced using this as the bed and a form for stretching the body also. But for those who have a wide chest, they should opt for the weight bench. This will give them the method to strengthen their chest as well as their abdomen by lifting weights. One can lift weights either by the hands, or the pulleys can be attached by means of weights to the legs, and this can help you improve the strength of the abdomen. Many men make use of this to develop abs. If you just need to exercise, then the best ay is to do it on a weight bench. Many people can be accommodated in the same gym if there are many weight benches that are available as most of the exercise and weight lifts can be done on this bench itself.

To increase the strength in the muscles, the people make sure that they can use the inclined benches. These give a more strenuous routine to the person and this can be very good to use even during the daily exercise quota at home. With just one of the weight benches, one can exercise from home and there will be no need to go to the gym.

If you are working out from home, then a pair of dumbbells to go along with the weights that you lift by the leg would give you a complete work out. This has become a very helpful tool in the market and hence provides the ability to do a wider range of exercise. All the more reason why this product has to be a part of the house is that one will have to spend only a one time investment on the machine. There are no electrical parts, hence there is no wear and tear and replacement of the parts will not be necessary.

With the usage of the minimum number of equipment one can easily lose weight with the weight bench and you can check at

-Syed Amaan Ahmad

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Monday, June 27, 2011

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Elliptical Trainer?

When you walk into your local gym, you will discover a vast choice of fitness machines, such as treadmills, exercise bikes, rowing machines and numerous weight lifting machines aimed at developing any muscle group you desire. One machine that has grown in popularity over the last decade and can be found in every decent gm (normally more than one) is the elliptical trainer, but what is an elliptical trainer and what can it do for you?

What Is An Elliptical Trainer?

The word elliptical means oval-shaped or something that moves in that shape. In the case of this machine, it is the foot pedals that you stand on which move in this circular motion (powered by your legs in a movement similar to running). In front of you are two tall levers which you grip with your hands, as you pull one towards you the other lever pushes out. these hand levers move in unison with the foot pedals as you move. So you use your arms and legs simultaneously to move the machine along, you can alter the resistance and the key is to find a comfortable pace and rhythm. Using an elliptical trainer is like walking in mid-air.

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Elliptical Trainer?

There are many benefits to using these machines, this explains why they have become so popular. here are a few of the main benefits: -

Low Impact Exercise Workout

Unlike jogging and using treadmills, an elliptical trainer provides you with a low impact workout. Because your feet never leave the pedals when you are using the machine (due to the motion of your body), there is less strain and stress put on your legs (and joints in particular) and lower back. The machine uses natural body movement, so there is no jolting of the body (unlike in walking or running). This makes an elliptical trainer ideal for older people or someone returning from injury.

A Full Body Workout

An elliptical trainer is sometimes also called a cross trainer, this is because of the large number of muscle groups it uses at the same time. This amazing machine provides a great workout for both your upper and lower body as you use your arms and legs in tandem, this works your hamstrings, back, chest, glutes, quadriceps, triceps and biceps. It is a great use of your time as it tones and strengthens large areas of your body in one go.

A Great Fat-Burning Workout

Because of the unique motion of the machine and the rhythm of your movement, you will actually be working out much harder than you realize. Spending 20-30 minutes on an elliptical trainer provides a great cardio workout that is very intense and burns lots of calories.

So if you want to lose the beer belly, burn body fat fast, get a toned body or just enjoy a great workout, then have a go on an elliptical trainer.

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What Are The Top Brand Treadmills And Why?

Treadmills are one of the most popular pieces of fitness equipment available and they have held the number one spot for many years. Almost all gyms and health centers have treadmills in their line up of exercise machines because they provide a great cardiovascular workout for jogging, walking or intense running. Treadmills have also made their way into millions of private homes, as favorite personal fitness equipment for people who want to work out within the confines of their homes. Treadmills are also rated at the top, when it comes to burning fats and calories, and weight loss.

Because of the success of the treadmills, hundreds of manufacturers have created their own treadmill models, with varying sizes, features and specifications to suit the needs of different types of users. Choosing a particular brand can be therefore quite overwhelming because of the large selection of treadmill choices. A lot of people therefore ask, what are the top brand treadmills and why? What should I look for in a treadmill? What features do I need from a treadmill?

So, what are the top brand treadmills and why are they considered to be at the top of the ranks? Here are a few of the top brands of treadmills, and the reasons why they are considered to be market leaders.

Proform has created one of the highest selling brands of treadmills in the market. It has a large selection of treadmills that suit the needs of different customers. One thing that sets the Proform treadmills apart from the other treadmills in the market, is that it is made to be affordable, but with a high quality craftsmanship and tested durability. Proform offers treadmill units for as low as 500 dollars, and have mid priced models that cost up to 2000 dollars. Even its mid-priced models are highly ranked by top fitness professionals because of their reliability and durability.

Smooth has probably one of the best marketing strategies in the world of treadmills because it largely targets the online market, which allows it to sell top quality treadmills at a lower retail price. This also makes ordering a lot easier for millions of consumers, who do not want to shop at local dealers and retailers. Smooth treadmills have also been known to have a stable and firm structure, with most of their units equipped with the swing arm shock absorption technology. This technology allows for greater cushioning that enables users to burn a lot of calories by allowing muscles to move at lower intensities for a longer period of time.

Sole treadmills have enjoyed a very good reputation in the fitness industry. They have always been regarded by a lot of health experts and gym instructors as one of the top treadmill units in the market. Sole treadmills have stable and strong bodies, with excellent cushioning that lessens the impact of high intensity workouts on the knees, joints and legs. Their cushioning system, also known as CushionFlex, greatly reduces any chances of hurting your back, knees, hips and ankles while doing a variety of treadmill workouts.

Here is a complete list of top brand model treadmills and find out what features you need to consider when buying any treadmills for sale. Good luck with your search.

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

What Is Shake Weight - Shocking Shake Weight Review

Modern technology has contributed a lot to elite muscle toning and body shaping. Today, another product has been making a buzz in the health and fitness market. That is Shake Weight.

Shake Weight was recently introduced on the market and it has been recognized as an all new method of toning arm muscles. Its principle is based on the concept of traditional weight lifting but it has an extra twist. It actually produces vibration when being used. It's designed to maximize and intensify weight lifting.

You probably have heard about this or maybe you have seen it in ads, on TV or demonstrations in malls and other places. It could be that you just did not pay attention to it because you don't know exactly what this thing is supposed to do to your body. Well, people been have going crazy over this product because it's a new and fun innovation to add to your weight plan.

What's the hype all about and is it worth it? It was designed based on the science of muscle activity while lifting weights. It actually uses vibration plate technology wherein it produces vibration when being used for workouts. The vibration from shake weight makes weight lifting even more effective. It causes the muscles to relax and contract many times during a short workout session. Because of the vibration, it's more effective than the traditional lifting of dumbbells. Actually, using it six minutes a day can surpass the mount of workout that can be achieved with multiple repetition and sets of lifting ordinary dumbbells. This is what they claim, but I believe the best results will be gained from using it in conjunction with other unique and easy workouts.

The Shake Weight for women is designed a little lighter than the one for men. The women's model weighs 5 lbs or 2.3 kgs. and the men's model weighs 10 lbs or 4.5 kgs.

Initially, it was designed only for women. Yet, after realizing that it may also be beneficial for men, a heavier version was created. With proper use, you will be able to tone your forearms, biceps and triceps. Using Shake Weight is like total workout for your arms. They say by regularly using it the way you are supposed to, you can forget about the various exercises that you do for your arms. You will be cutting down the amount of time that you have to spend working out on your arm muscles while still getting great results. So go get to work.

Ultimately though, if you really want to get great results, there are a few different tricks and tips that you have to use to get the best looking arms and upper body. If you use it while still doing a few other exercises, you can see really amazing results.

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What Is The Best Adjustable Dumbbell Set?

If you are looking to buy some weights, then there are several things you need to take into consideration first. The first thing is to decide what types of exercises you need them for so that you can choose the right ones. The next thing is just how much room do you have to store the weights. If you only have a small space then it wouldn't be ideal to have a full set of weights with a barbell and dumbbells. The best adjustable dumbbell set could possibly be the answer as you can use them to do various exercises and they take up no room at all.

What exactly is an adjustable dumbbell set?

An adjustable dumbbell set is basically a single or pair of dumbbells that have attached to them several weights. The best adjustable dumbbells have a dial that allows you to choose the weight you require. Once you do that you just pick up the dumbbells and it leaves some of the weights behind and just picks up the weight you set on the dial.

What this means is you can choose various different weights in seconds and don't have to manually take weights off or add them back on. Just turn the dial and pick them up. This also means they are perfect for all different kinds of exercises and you don't need to have lots of different weights and dumbbells lying around taking up space. Adjustable dumbbells are perfect if you only have a small room to train in.

Bowflex make some of the best adjustable dumbbells on the market. The 2 main sets they do are the Bowflex SelectTech 1090 which is a single dumbbell and the Bowflex SelectTech 552 which is a set of 2 dumbbells. The single dumbbell can be adjusted from 10 pounds up to 90 pounds by just turning the dial. The set of dumbbells can be adjusted from 5 pounds up to 52.5 pounds on each dumbbell.

So if you are looking for the best adjustable dumbbell set then you won't go wrong with Bowflex. They are really leading the market in this kind of dumbbell. They allow you to do a whole range of exercises and you can quickly go from one to the next without having to start changing weights and losing time.

Which ever you choose, just be sure to read through reviews from buyers so that you can be sure you are getting the best ones to suit your needs.

We have extensively reviewed and chosen what we believe to be the best adjustable dumbbell set on the market. It's the Bowflex SelectTech 552 set. Check out our reviews to see why.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

What Is There to Check With Bowflex Treadmill?

Are you looking for something new in treadmills? Are you tired of seeing the same designs in these types of equipment? If your answer to both questions is yes, then you should check out Bowflex Treadmill. You may ask: What is there to ask? Is it worth asking? If it comes from Bowflex, a subsidiary of Nautilus Fitness which has been enjoying success in the business of exercise equipment, well, it is surely worth checking.

1. Bowflex treadmill gives you a wider choice because it comes in three: series 3, series 5 and series 7. All of them have distinctive offers that suit every user's requirements. Discover which one fits you well and only then you will make a choice.

2. This new brand in treadmill enables easy storage. Some treadmills work according to the needs of users, but they give them headache when it comes to storage. This is not a problem with Bowflex treadmill because they are easy to fold up.

3. The treadmill of Bowflex is portable. It has built-in wheels that let you move it from one place to another without having any trouble.

4. It has heart rate monitoring, which some treadmills are lacking. This is why it will be easy for you to achieve your target heart rate.

5. It is reasonably-priced. You will notice that a Bowflex treadmill motor power is between 1.75 to 3 HP; hence, its price, ranging from $1,100 to $1,999, is just fair.

6. If you have no specific program to follow and all that you require is to lose your excess fats, then it is not a problem if you have Bowflex treadmill as partner. This machine has workout programs integrated in the system.

7. What make this treadmill more attractive to buyers are the warranties it offers. Frame has warranty for 15 years, labor 1 year, parts 2 years and motors 10 years. Now, that is what you call peace of mind for the owner.

8. Reviews and ratings dictate the quality of every product. This goes well for Bowflex treadmill, which received high ratings from Amazon. Specifically, series 3 got 4.5 while series 7 was given a perfect rating at 5.

9. It offers comfort in installation, which is the foremost issue among treadmill buyers.

Getting yourself in shape is not only your primary problem; it is also purchasing which treadmill. Given the pieces of information above, buying your equipment should not be a problem anymore. You should not settle also for used exercise equipment for sale. Bowflex treadmill is a great choice.

Kevin Vasquez Jerson has been writing about exercising equipment for over a decade. He graduated in a prestigious university in Camden. The article above lets him give you ideas how to spot the latest Bowflex treadmill in the market today. However, if you need more information, please visit this link; It will bring you to the right direction.

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What You Need to Know About an Elliptical Workout

If you want a full body-workout but you don't have enough time to spend in doing different exercises for specific parts of your body, then the elliptical workout is the right one for you. Elliptical trainers offer overall effectiveness in terms of working out your whole body. These workouts combine the treadmill's full, natural stride, and the stair climber's ease of use, so even with short workout sessions, you are guaranteed of a full-body improvement. You'll be able to squeeze in different exercises for different parts of your body with a simple elliptical workout plan. As you go through this article, you'll learn more about the elliptical workout, and how it stacks up against its closest rival, the treadmill.

Elliptical trainers are exercise machines that you can use to simulate walking or running even while stationary. One of its selling features is that it doesn't cause much pressure on your joints, so you don't run the risk of getting impact injuries. This is a great thing for older people who still want to exercise but have to watch out for joint injuries.

These elliptical trainers are also great for cardiovascular workouts, again, without the impact. An elliptical workout is great for the heart without putting pressure in the joints of your back, something that other exercise machines can't give you. If you are suffering from bad knees or ankles or a problematic back, then having an elliptical workout is the safest exercise for you, so that you'll still have the best of health even when you are suffering from these signs of aging. As a person grows old, the range of exercises that they can do narrows, so doing intense exercises would seem impossible. If you think the only exercise that's safe for you are short runs in the park, think again. The elliptical workout will help keep your body fit without aggravating problems on your back or knees.

Another great feature of the elliptical workout is that it keeps you on an upright position. Not a lot of exercises keep you at such a stance, so sometimes; you'll feel aching joints and muscles because of a workout's awkward position. With the upright stance, there is no back strain, thus no lingering pains after you exercise. In this type of workout, you don't have to pull anything or reach for a knob or a handle, so straining or pulling a muscle won't be a cause for concern.

As mentioned earlier, an elliptical workout gives you a full body exercise. You'll be able to choose if you want to work your upper body or you lower body. If you want to work on your lower body alone, just simply hold the hand rails for support so that there won't be any strain on your upper body.

If you check elliptical machines review, you'll see that users are raving about its ability to exercise different muscle groups in just a single workout. Most of these people appreciate the fact that they're able to keep themselves fit even with such short training sessions. This means that the elliptical workout doesn't interfere with any of their activities, like work, or chores at home. Elliptical workout machines gives you comprehensive workouts that addresses your lower body, upper body, and promote overall toning and sculpting of different muscle groups. This is definitely a great way to save time while shaping up. You'll also be able to save money from expensive gym memberships and other workout machines that can only address a specific muscle group.

The closest rival of elliptical workout machines are treadmills, and if you are choosing a workout machine for your home, you'll end up taking one for the other, but not both. This is why it is necessary to make an elliptical vs treadmill comparison, for you to understand which exercise machine deserves the spot in your living room.

One thing to consider with this comparison is the fact that an elliptical trainer gives you an impact-free workout. This means you won't have any impact on the ground, thus giving a gentler exercise if you have joint or back problems.

On the other hand, treadmills give more impact, since it requires running continuously, thus your feet really have to touch and make an impact on the ground. This way, you'll be able to strengthen your bones on your feet and legs. This also gives you a better training experience if you are a dedicated runner, because you'll actually be taking strides for your exercise to fully work for you.

However, if you are concerned with just keeping yourself fit without causing joint pains and other back problems, then the elliptical workout trainer is the one to get. Another advantage that an elliptical trainer has over a treadmill is the overall workout that it offers. The treadmill may only benefit certain parts of your body, but the elliptical trainer is capable of giving you a full body workout.

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Joe J Jackson is a highly successful freelance writer and the author of Weight Training For Men

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What You Need to Know About Gym Balls

Pilates ball, stability ball, balance ball - you can call it anything you want. The gym ball is truly an innovation. With a first look, you'd think it's just an oversized medicine ball that looks more like it belongs in a kid's play pen rather than a gym. But truth be told, it can be quite beneficial especially if you perform various gym ball exercises.

It is not just some regular beach ball filled with air. It is made from elastic PVC or polyvinyl chloride and can be as big as 85 cm. in diameter. Aside from ab workouts, the gym ball can also be used for weight training, most particularly with regards to balance. It was first called the Swiss ball back in 1963, the year that they first came into existence.

Interestingly they were invented for newborn babies as treatments. Later on, doctors saw that it can also be advantageous for treating patients with neurological issues. What made these balls different from others was that they have stronger elastic coverings that don't easily get penetrated by any sharp objects. This is done in order to support any kind of weight that may be pressed unto it.

These days, they are considered a staple in fitness centers. The best athletes in the world use them in their exercises. And they have all been proven effective, whether it's for their core or their explosive intensity. It's quite appalling to think that something as simple as this can be very effective. To further elaborate on this, here are some of the advantages of using them.

Targets the Right Areas

Have you seen people use gym balls? If you have, you may have noticed that these balls tend to put an individual in awkward-looking positions that may appear too painful to perform. Gym ball exercises will put some of your body parts in suspended positions. Although this might be the case, gym ball exercises are still effective and safe to do. The pain that you will mostly feel is "the good kind of pain", as most gym buffs would say.

Gym Ball Exercises are a great alternative to other workouts

Gym ball exercises are not as complicated as they look. Most of what will be done are regular routines wherein the gym ball is incorporated to add more resistance to the workout and to experience more burn. Compared to exercising on a workout machine where you will only target certain areas of your body, gym ball exercises target more muscle areas, including your core.

Cheaper Compared to Exercise Machines

Looking into it, you can save a lot more cash rather than getting some complicated exercise machine. They cost considerably less since there are not a lot of parts to be attached. It's just a big ball made to make your exercises a lot more effective.

Truly, gym balls are beneficial. If you still find these advantages inadequate, here are a few gym ball exercises that have been proven effective and quite easy.

On-Ball Balance

This should be the first exercise that you have to perform. Before anything else, balance has to be the most important aspect of your workout. You need to know how to control all the weight in your body. Put your arms on the ground with your torso lying on the ball. Then pull your legs up and make them stand still in mid-air. Do this for thirty seconds. You'll notice that when you're in this position, a lot of control needs to be done in order to not fall down.

Elevated Push-Ups

One of the more recognizable of exercises, elevated push-ups are just like regular push-ups, though done on a ball to make it more challenging. With its level of difficulty, it is not advisable that beginners try this one out immediately.

When performing this, you need to put yourself in a usual push-up position. Then you put both your feet onto the ball. Do your push-ups accordingly. About ten to fifteen reps will do for at least four to five sets. You can do more if you feel like it.

Trunk Extension

For the trunk extension, you need to bend down on your knees with the ball supporting your trunk. Put your hands to the side of your head with your arms bent across. From there, bend your torso downward and into the ball and then pull it back. Do this repetitively until you do fifteen reps on four to five sets.

There are more gym ball exercises available, and each of them is made to target specific areas of your body. In no time, you will see how effective the gym ball can be for your body.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Where To Find Cheap Home Gyms For Sale

If you want to save money then setting up your own gym at home is a much cheaper alternative to constantly paying monthly membership fees at your local gym. Gym equipment will cost more upfront then a gym membership, but will rapidly pay off in only a few months of time. In addition to buying home gym equipment you will save money from not having to pay for gas to drive to the gym and back.

Once you have decided to set up a gym in your home then you may be wondering where to find cheap home gyms for sale. The cheapest place to buy home gym equipment is on the Internet. You do have to pay shipping fees, but that is offset by the fact the gym equipment is cheaper online and you usually do not have to pay tax on your online purchase.

The best cheap home gyms are found online. Your local retailer will not have near the variety as website that specializes in selling cheap home gyms. It can seem a daunting task to order a large piece of gym equipment and have it delivered to your home, but it is actually really easy.

Another alternative when looking for cheap home gyms is to scour the classifieds. Local classified ads can be a hotbed. Many people buy exercise equipment and then never use it. After a few years they simply want to get rid of it. Classifieds can be a great place to find low cost exercise equipment. The problem is you may not find what you really want or need.

To truly be able to capitalize on your wants and needs you should order the best cheap home gyms equipment online. You will be able to get the best price for new equipment and be able to get exactly what you need. When you buy your gym exercise equipment brand new you can ensure that you will not have any problems that can be associated with used gym equipment such as abuse and damage from the prior owner.

You can find cheap home gym equipment to fit your budget and lifestyle. If you live in a large house or a small apartment you can find gym equipment that will fit your home. For small apartments there is equipment that will fold up when not in use. Regardless of how small of a home you live in you will be able to find exercise equipment online that will fit.

The benefits of actively using gym equipment are undeniable. You can extend your life and live a better and happier life when you are in shape. Many diseases such as diabetes can be stopped if you are overweight and then get into shape. Start working out in your house and it will allow you to lead a better lifestyle.

The author works out in his home dail and provides information on the best cheap home gyms on his website. He's also reviewed some of the best gyms in America.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Body Solid GDCC Bar Attachment

Body Solid GDCC Bar AttachmentOVERVIEW:Connect the Dual Weight StacksNow you can take full advantage your Body-Solid functional training center's dual weight stacks with the GDCC Functional Trainer press bar. By connecting the GDCC to both racks of the Body-Solid GDCC210, you can...

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Exercise Testing & Program Design: A Fitness Professionals Handbook

Exercise Testing & Program Design: A Fitness Professionals HandbookExercise Testing and Program Design, with barry Franklin, is a valuable resource for understanding the key elements of long-term exercise, discusses heart disease, fitness, exercise programming, and exercise adherence.

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Gaiam 750ml Aluminum Water Bottle 2-Pack

Gaiam 750ml Aluminum Water Bottle 2-PackTwo for the road...or the gym...or under the tree. Boxed sets of coordinating aluminum water bottles make the healthiest gifts. Gaiam exclusive aluminum bottles keep your water clear and fresh, while keeping disposable water bottles out of landfills. Each set contains 2 lightweight bottles, one printed and one solid version, with ring-top screw caps and is 100% recyclable. Fly Fishing printed and Silver solid. Set of 2. 750ml. 9¾"H. Hand wash. Made in China.

Price: $19.98

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Power Sled w/ Shoulder Harness & Leads

Power Sled w/ Shoulder Harness & LeadsSpeed and power resistance training. Multiple training options! Push it or pull it, this sled is the perfect training tool for developing explosive leg drive and improving acceleration. Build powerful hips and legs using the handles or target stride length using the belt/harness.

Price: $319.90

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Why Are Resistance Bands Better Than Any Other Exercise Gadget?

You've seen the infomercials on TV and you've probably heard it already from your friends. Resistance bands are one of the most intriguing exercise items that you will probably see anywhere. Using it isn't quite complicated. They're just a pair of handles attached together through an often-tough elastic cable. But if you look into it, you'll realize that there's a lot more to these bands than what meets the eye.

Sometimes, you'll encounter something that will catch your attention. Even if it comes in such a simple package, you can get that feeling that there has to be more. For some people, this is what they think of whenever they see resistance or fitness bands. Naturally, it may cause confusion on the part of anyone who hasn't used it. No matter how many times you see it being demonstrated, it is unavoidable that you won't really be looking forward to using it. The usual thing that people would say is that they are not as challenging compared to lifting weights or even doing some workout routines. In other cases, people tend to get confused as to how they will use it the right way. So which exercises are the best for you? Or even on a more general note, how can you perform resistance bands exercises?

So to avoid any accidents or misuse, it is important that you realize where and how you want to use these resistance bands.

The Best Substitute for People on the Go

It isn't very often that people have the time to go to gyms and work out. That is why it is important to have something that can substitute all the workouts performed at the gym without ever having to straddle yourself to the ground or tire your body out immediately. And with this, performing these exercises on the road or in the office is the best thing you can do when it comes to staying fit. When you do any of the routines, you won't need too much space. They are also easy to store. The stretch band that connects the handles is quite easy to put away and won't tangle.

You LITERALLY get Flexibility!

You'll never look at workouts the same way again. They can give you almost all the workouts that machines can provide in one overall package. You can do triceps, biceps as well as chest, shoulders and legs. And whether you're just starting to get in shape or have been a long time exercise buff, there will be resistance bands exercises to suit your need. It's a flexible tool that allows you to be flexible with your exercises.

Another great thing is that they are easily adjustable to the kind of tension that you'd want to get on your targeted muscle. With free weights, you have to increase and decrease them manually, making for a hassling routine that can often lead you to become disinterested with working out. Also you get to work on your overall balance. Most of the regular workout routines will just leave you with heavier muscles that in the long run, can make you look awkward and heavy. Resistance bands exercises on the other hand, give you much leaner muscles and more shape on your overall form.

No matter what exercise gadgetry or device you decide to go with, the most important thing is for you to have as much savings as possible. Resistance bands, with the affordable prices they come with, are probably the cheapest overall exercise item that you will ever see in the market. Aside from the price itself, just think of how much you are bound to save when you no longer have to get gym memberships since you can perform all of the resistance bands exercises at home or anywhere you go. You also don't have to worry about breakage, since they are quite elastic and have been tested to withstand any kind of impact.

Sometimes, the best things can truly come in small packages. The versatility of resistance bands have been quite undermined sometimes due to the overall appearance of this tool. But if you look at how helpful each of the resistance bands exercises are in terms of helping you build muscles, you'll never look at workout routines the same way again. If you intend on buying resistance bands, you should buy in variety. It's easy to identify one from the other, since the bands are color-coded to the type of tension that you need. And if you ever get confused over what resistance bands exercises to do, there's a manual given out for each purchase.

Getting fit doesn't really require expensive gym memberships as resistance bands can help you get the job done.

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Joe J Jackson is a highly successful freelance writer and the author of Weight Training For Men

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Why Dumbbell Workouts for Men Are One of the Best Ways to Workout at Home

If you are thinking about setting up a home gym you are one of a growing number of folk leaving the gym behind. For many people the gym is actually more a barrier to a great body than a help.

Workouts at home promise to save you time, money, and the hassle of queuing up for that piece of equipment everyone seems to want to use today. Still, it's a promise not always fulfilled. If you want to succeed you need to make sure you have the best home gym equipment to help you.

The best home gym equipment is the kind that you actually use. The good news is that if like most people you are after a slim, lean and toned physique you don't need a bunch of expensive equipment. You can build a great body using the simplest and cheapest of tools: dumbbells.

Why dumbbell workouts are one of the best ways to workout

1) Cost

Dumbbells are cheap. Cheap enough that you won't feel guilty about buying them. It's an investment in your fitness future that doesn't break the bank. In fact you'll be ready to go to for less than the cost of the typical month's gym membership.

2) Flexibility

Dumbbells can be adapted to suit you, offering different exercises to suit any routine. You can work your body back to front and head to toe with a little know-how. Who needs fancy machines?

3) Free weights develop real-world coordination

Unlike machines designed to move in one plane of motion only, dumbbells have no restrictions. Your body must adapt to stabilize itself during the exercise just as if in real-world movements. This means the workouts give you functional fitness you can use. This kind of workout not only makes you better looking, it makes you better at life.

4) Convenience

Dumbbells are easy to store. You don't have to turn your home into a shrine to Schwarzenegger. Just use them, then put them away. No one need ever know how you got so good-looking!

5) Progress at your own pace

You can easily add to your program to achieve progression. Add more repetitions, more sets, reduce rest between sets, or simply add a little weight to the bar. So there you have it, pound for pound dumbbells offer you one of the best ways to workout there is. You'd almost be dumb not to choose them!

To learn more about setting up a home gym and the home workout equipment you need visit

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Why Skywalker And Jumpking Trampolines?

Trampolines have long been a source for fun and exercise. Those purchasing trampolines do so for a combination of these reasons with the realization that they are great tools to build agility, wear out children, and improve cardiovascular activities. If you have thought about purchasing a trampoline or a mini trampoline, and you are uncertain of what your best options are, then you should consider two of the highest quality brands - Skywalker and Jumpking - for the following reasons:

First of all, the Skywalker and Jumpking brands are the most popular on account of their attention to detail. Parents looking for a great fun and exercise tool for their kids prefer these brands because they are sturdy and safe for daily use. Springs do not give out as easily as they do with other brands, and the recoil is phenomenal. Of course, if you have small children, you will always want to monitor their activities, but the Skywalker and Jumpking brand names give you peace of mind as you do so.

Secondly, these brands are so enormously popular because of their competitive pricing. No one wants to take out a second mortgage on their homes just to pay for a trampoline, and with Jumpking and Skywalker you will not have to. These products will save you money in fitness center costs as well as time and gas and all the incidentals that you do not often think about when it comes to fitness activities.

Thirdly, the Jumpking and Skywalker models allow for more family friendly fun. Exercise is good, but the emotional experience of being together with your family and engaging in an activity that is fun and that brings you all closer together cannot be denied. Making family time fun is important as children get older and deal with outside influences, both good and bad. You want to maintain a place in their lives by associating time spent together as a family as time spent having the most fun imaginable.

Fourthly, the Jumpking and Skywalker models have a history of success behind them that immediately let you know you're getting what you pay for. Customers from all over the country have been purchasing their products for years, and the level of consumer confidence that both possess is undeniable. Trampolines, like any fitness equipment, can be big investments, and people do not want to make a purchase that is simply going to wear out in a short amount of time. By buying these instantly recognizable names, customers have sources they can trust.

When it is time for you to buy a trampoline for your family, go with the sure bet. Whether it is Jumpking or Skywalker, you will be covered.

Ron Twain is a martial artist and a chef. In his spare time he enjoys exercising on his Skywalker trampolines and his personalized Jumpking trampoline.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why Using Home Fitness Equipment Beats Going to the Gym

We have never been more aware of the importance of maintaining a regular exercise regime - after all, it is one of the secrets to a long, healthy and happy life.

However, sometimes finding the hours and minutes to spare for pounding the treadmill at the gym can seem like an impossible task.

Indeed, it is not only the length of time to workout that we need to find in our busy lives, but also to travel to and from our regular fitness centre - something that can be problematic when we are juggling several responsibilities.

For example, when work is hectic and you are expected to put in additional hours and stay late at the office, it really can be hard to make space in your schedule for the gym as well.

Alternatively, if you spend more time at home it rarely means you are any less busy as you are likely to be juggling even more responsibilities, such as caring for the kids, shopping, doing the school run and cleaning.

And at the weekend, you may feel that travelling to and from your leisure centre or private gym eats into the precious free time you have.

If you do have children then it may feel as though it is almost impossible for you to take advantage of your gym membership without having to pay even more money for someone to care for them, as often fitness suites are not suitable for kids.

Even if you do bring your little ones along, this can prove something of a distraction from your routine!

But it is not only a lack of time and convenience that can make regular gym-going a task, but also the cost.

Maintaining a membership is not cheap and in many cases you have to pay even if you have been unable to actually use the facilities for a few months.

Of course, sometimes the deal you have got allows you to also make use of the swimming pool or spa - but, realistically, how often do you do this?

All in all, if you do not have the time to go to the gym then continuing paying for it can seem like a waste, but if you cancel your subscription you may be worried that when you are able to return you will have to go on a waiting list.

But there is an answer to all of these difficulties - home gym equipment.

When you have exercise bikes, ellipticals, rowers, treadmills and a host of other apparatus waiting for you when you walk through your front door, indulging in a workout is no longer difficult.

Whenever you have a few minutes to spare - whether you have finished work early or sat the kids down in front of a movie - you can simply head to your home gym and get exercising, without having to waste time commuting, looking for somewhere to park and getting changed.

Equipment like this has been designed specifically for the home and is a lot less bulky than what you find at the gym meaning that it should comfortably fit into your house or flat, even if space is at a premium.

Some apparatus can even be folded up and stashed away when not in use, while there are some amazing features you can take advantage of like special fitness cards that include a variety of routines for you to follow.

Indeed, whatever you are looking to achieve - be it to lose weight, tone up, build muscle or just generally boost your health - you will quickly find that it is so easy to do at home.

NordicTrack produces great home fitness equipment like exercise bikes and treadmills that make working out easy!

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Working Out at Home on an Electric Treadmill

Running, jogging, or briskly walking on an electric treadmill at your home is a great way to keep in shape. Having this equipment in your home allows you to easily exercise every day, which allow you to achieve a healthy and fit body. Most people are aware of the benefits exercise provides, and a lot of them go to the gym or just run or walk around the street or park to stay in shape. Many people are shocked by the startling number of people that are becoming obese due to improper diet and lack of exercise. Thus, people do their best to get the exercise they need everyday. This can be hard if you have a busy schedule, but having exercise equipment at home can make it much easier. It allows you to work out anytime you want, even with a busy work schedule.

Exercising at home with the use of an electric treadmill is easier and more convenient compared to using other exercise equipment. You can run or jog anytime you want in the comfort of your own home. It is made suitable for every member of the family, even the children, teens. The exercise that you perform everyday on it, like running or walking, is one of the best forms of exercise, as it keeps the whole body moving. It makes you stronger and healthier along with proper diet and enough rest. This is great for someone who is into sports, as it helps to increase stamina and helps you stay strong through the whole game.

Other than that, you can exercise in the comfort of your own home. There is no need for you to worry about getting yourself to the gym, especially when there are bad weather conditions. There is no need to feel embarrassed when going to the gym and having to fit in with a bunch of people you don't know, for you can work out in your home. There is no need for you to look for a running companion like you do when you go jogging around the park. You can work out in your own place, feeling comfortable even when you are alone. You can do anything you like without worrying too much which prevents you from exercising at your best.

Working out everyday is made possible using an electric treadmill at home, even with a busy work schedule. It provides a lot of benefits to your body as you go on with your day to day activities. It keeps you healthy and strong so that you can handle difficult situations. It keeps you from certain diseases, as it boosts your immune system and helps fight against infection. It makes you feel great, especially when you achieve a sexy looking body. You will not only feel healthy, but most of all, you feel great with your sexy curves.

Amber has written articles on many topics and has recently been researching the great benefits of the electric treadmill.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

York Barbell 300 Pound Olympic Weight Set - Best Home Gym Exercise Equipment You Can Get?

Want to get serious with your weight training? Thinking about buying a set of weights and a barbell? Tuck them away in a spare room or garage, and you've got the beginnings of a home gym right there. Which is always ready and available whenever you feel like a workout - and isn't that better than paying time and again to belong to a gym that gets so crowded you can't even see the machines?

The York Barbell name has been associated with weightlifting since the firm began in 1935. What you get with this offering from them is a 300lb Olympic set of black metal plates, along with a 7' chrome bar and spring collars. The bar is a real 45 lb Olympic bar, unlike many other "value" weight sets that substitute a 35 lb bar.

As someone who's used a set of York weights since starting out with weight training, I can recommend the brand. Imagine your own ideal home gym set up, then add this set of York weights to it. And they're all the exercise gear you'll ever need. The 300 lbs of weight plates is enough to provide a challenging workout for most gym users, and the hefty Olympic bar isn't going to wear out any time soon. The weight plates and the total package are as follows:

2 of the 45 lb plates2 of the 35 lb plates2of the 25 lb plates2 0f the 10 lb plates4 of the 5 lb plates2 of the 2.5 lb plates

- plus one 45 lb chrome Olympic bar (700 lb test), and one set of Olympic spring collars. Which, taken all together, makes it a great set for the home gym owner. It's as well to note that the plates are rough cast, and some variation in color is possible.

You're ready to work out. So you load up your York Olympic bar and try a warm up set, just to get the blood pumping. Solid, well made gear, with a reassuring heft to it. The product is, as advertised, a nice Olympic weight set with a solid 45 lb bar. Good quality for the price, and most reviewers report that the delivery was quick and efficient and they're happy with their purchase.

And that's it. Want to get serious with your weight training? Want the convenience of your own weights set, and the security of a quality, well built product that will serve you through a lifetime of getting in shape and staying that way? Try the York 300 lb barbell set.

Trying to get in shape? Interested in that York barbell set? Check out Get In Shape now.

Check out the articles for exercise tips and workout advice.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Your Guide To Cheap Exercise Bikes

When it comes to buying gym equipment for your home, you need to check out the many different kinds of cheap exercise bikes that strike a balance between quality and price. A lot of people choose to buy a bike as opposed to a treadmill because they generally come in smaller sizes than a treadmill; hence it is more perfect for use in the home due to the limited amount of space. These bikes come in the usual types of exercise bicycles, such as recumbent exercise bikes and the like.

When you are choosing to buy cheap exercise bikes, you may be limited in the types of bikes that you choose from, simply because there are very few that are sold second-hand that are still in good condition, and there are those that are far too complicated to ever be priced as cheap. Nonetheless, this should not stop you from looking for the best exercise bike for your home at a price that you can actually afford.

As was mentioned, there are many types of exercise bikes. The two most commonly bought are the recumbent bikes and the upright bikes. Most of the cheap exercise bikes that you will find will most probably be upright bikes, as these are the ones that are more traditional and resemble a normal bike. If you are used to riding a normal bike and want an exercise bike that will give you pretty much the same experience, then buying an upright bike is a good choice for you.

For some people, switching from riding a bike normally and then exercising on a recumbent bike results in more back-aches than actual exercise. With the upright bike, you also have the option to stand up while exercising, something that you would not be able to do on a recumbent bike. A lot of people like this option because it allows for more intensity in the cycling. If you are not that much of a bike enthusiast, then buying cheap exercise bikes of the upright kind are perfect for you.

The recumbent bikes are the kinds of cheap exercise bikes that are known for being more comfortable than the upright bike. The position of the rider is reclined; hence it is much more relaxed. If you do not have good posture or if you are not in that great of shape, then using a recumbent bike may be better for your overall comfort and ease of use.

One of the things that you need to make sure that you look for in your cheap exercise bike is a heart rate monitor. While it is the norm for newer bikes to already have this built-in, there are some older models that do not. Although you can always purchase a heart rate monitor that you wear on your wrist like a watch, it would be better to buy a bike that already has it built-in because the two systems would be more in sync with each other, producing a more seamless kind of workout.

There are two kinds of heart rate monitors in bikes, and these are those that are found in the grip and those that operate wirelessly. As you can understand, those that have a wireless heart monitor will be a little bit pricier than those that have it built-in into the grip, but it is not impossible to find cheap exercise bikes that offer wireless heart rate monitors.

The display console is also one of the major influences of the price of exercise bikes. There are those that have a brilliant display with a backlight and LED, but once again choosing which one is the right one is more of a preference as opposed to a need. Nevertheless, if you can afford it and you believe that your workouts will need something more complicated sooner or later, then springing for cheap exercise bikes that also offer a brilliant screen is worth the extra money.

The type of resistance that most cheap exercise bikes offer is those that use a tension belt. The more advanced and expensive kinds of exercise bikes are those that use magnetic resistance. Tension belts have a tendency to break when the bike is overused or old or both. Magnetic resistance is much more smooth and durable, but it is almost twice the price of a bike that uses a tension belt.

If you do decide to get a bike that has magnetic resistance, make sure to check out the controls before you buy anything. The simpler the controls, the better, as you will want everything to be running smoothly while you are already working out.

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Joe J Jackson is a highly successful freelance writer and the author of Weight Training For Men

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Friday, June 10, 2011

BMV Quantum Subliminal CD Perfect Abs: Six Pack Abdomen Aid (Ultrasonic Physical Fitness Series)

BMV Quantum Subliminal CD Perfect Abs: Six Pack Abdomen Aid (Ultrasonic Physical Fitness Series)Program your subconscious mind to develop the perfect abs, build your abdominal muscles, flatten your abdomen and reduce belly fat for a flat stomach and six pack abs. Using exclusive state-of-the-art subliminal and brainwave entrainment technologies, you can program your subconscious mind for positive lasting results, created by a Certified Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Silent affirmations, inaudible hypnotic suggestions and thousands of powerful subliminal messages program your subconscious mind for positive results. The first 3 tracks have an ocean background. The Silent Ultrasonic Track 4 is completely silent with no sound at all! BMV exclusive Quantum Subliminal Matrix Technology sets a new standard for the subliminal industry! BMV has merged existing subliminal neurotechnology with many new exclusive technologies to create the most powerful CDs on the market. This CD contains the following audio neurotechnologies to maximize your results: *Ultra-Silent Ultrasonic Subliminal Frequency Modulation Technology- All subliminal messages are modulated to ultrasonic ranges (higher frequencies) for full meta-programming with no audible sounds at all on Track 4! You can use this powerful broadcast of silent subliminals in any setting! Program yourself anywhere, anytime! *Multi-channel Subliminal Replication Technology- 100 times more subliminal messages makes it 100 times more powerful than other subliminal tapes or CDs. *Autonomic Audio Pacing Technology- Relaxed heartbeat and breathing patterns cause physiological responses that trigger deep progressive relaxation to maximize your results. *Brainwave Entrainment Technology- Embedded binaural beat frequencies and monaural tones create hemispheric synchronization while tuning your brainwaves to specific frequencies that are most effective for subliminal programming. *Monaural entrainment tones- No need for headphones!

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Danskin Ultimate Abs Ball with DVD

Danskin Ultimate Abs Ball with DVDUnique "peanut" shape provides the best Abs exercise tool available! Plus the ball's movement is limited to forward and backward only. The center curve on the ball cradles you, keeping you in the proper position for all exercises on the ball. This product ships with an illustrated workout poster, follow along workout DVD and a dual action hand pump.

Price: $29.99

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INSANITY: 60-Day Total Body Conditioning Workout DVD Program

Shaun T's Insanity workout is the best of its kind. No other workout can get you these types of results in just 60 days... Guaranteed!

Shaun T's Max Interval Training techniques are a step ahead of every other fitness program ever designed. You get you a lean, muscular body in a short amount of time. The Insanity Workout is a difficult workout, but the results are phenomenal.

Brand New, Factory Sealed Box Set. Complete set includes a nutrition guide, calender to track your progress, and 10 intense DVDs that all contain a GREAT workout. You don`t need exercise equipment. All you need is just a little space and a big heart!

You will receive:

-Elite Nutrition Manual -Fitness Guide -Fit Test Tracker -Workout Calendar 10 Insanity Workout DVDs

1: Dig Deeper & Fit Test:
To start, Shaun T will put your body to the test and see what you're made of.

2: Plyometric Cardio Circuit:
Burn fat with intervals of intense lower-body plyo and sweat-inducing cardio.

3: Cardio Power & Resistance:
Build lean muscle and upper-body definition with strength-training and insanity workout power moves.

4: Cardio Recovery:
Shaun T goes easier on you once a week so you're ready for the next Insanity Workout round.

5: Pure Cardio & Abs:
Skip the intervals-this nonstop cardio workout is all extreme.

6: Cardio Abs:
Do explosive intervals of cardio and core moves for rock-hard abs.

7: Core Cardio & Balance:
Take a break after month 1 of the Insanity workout and gear up for month 2 with this workout.

8: Max Interval Circuit:
The interval circuit that's more intense than anything you've ever done before.

9: Max Interval Plyo:
Push your legs 'til they beg for mercy with power and plyo, all at your MAX.

10: Max Cardio Conditioning & Abs:
Get pushed to your limit with this extreme cardio workout

Price: $169.99

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Marcy SB222 4-Position Utility Bench

Marcy SB222 4-Position Utility BenchThis Marcy utility exercise bench is ideal for those in need of a multi purpose workout bench. With a four position back pad; military, incline, flat and decline; you have the ideal dumbbell bench that will help you work on all upper body muscles. In addition to dumbbell workouts, this bench from Impex allows for traditional sit ups, and, with the assist handles, abdominal leg raise exercises. This small footprint bench that folds flat for easy storage, is perfect for those who don't have a lot of room to spare.

Price: $119.99

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A Great Way To Spice Up Your Workouts -- Interval Training

There's been a lot of buzz recently about Interval Training. So, you may be wondering what it really is and, more importantly, why you should incorporate it in your fitness workouts. Well, if you want a workout that can help propel you to the next fitness level, burn more calories, increase your speed, improve your power and more, then it's time to learn more about this effective technique.

A simple definition of Interval Training is: short, high-intensity exercise periods alternated with periods of rest. These higher and lower intensity periods are repeated several times to form a complete workout . Here's a basic example: walk for 5 minutes at 3.5 MPH, walk for 1 minute at 4.2 MPH and then repeat this sequence several times.

Most people spend their workout time only performing continuous training exercises. These are exercises where the intensity level is basically constant throughout. An example of this is walking at 3.5 MPH, at 0% incline for 30 minutes.

Continuous training is very effective and should not be eliminated from your weekly workouts. However, it's recommended that you include both Interval Training and continuous training sessions as part of your fitness regimen.

Why should you include Interval Training? As previously mentioned, there are many benefits to this type of training and execution is relatively simple. Interval Training can help you improve cardiovascular fitness, increase speed, improve overall aerobic power, burn more calories, break-through a plateau, increase workout duration, reach new exercise levels, expand your workout options and increase your workout threshold - just to name a few.

Plus, this training method has useful applications for beginners, intermediate exercisers and even conditioned athletes. There are two basic types of Interval Training. For the majority of exercisers (novices and intermediate) Fitness Interval Training methods are recommended. Athletes can choose a more advanced technique known as Performance Interval Training.

The Fitness training method utilizes periodic increases in intensity. Typically the higher-intensity levels range from 2-5 minutes in duration and are followed by lower-intensity periods that also range from 2-5 minutes. And, a critical element in Fitness Interval Training is determining the appropriate level for the higher-intensity periods. This level should not exceed the anaerobic threshold (which is usually reached below 85% heart rate reserve).

On the flip side, the Performance training technique involves periods of near maximal or even maximal intensity (e.g. >85% heart rate reserve - even reaching 100%). The higher-intensity levels can range from 2-15 minutes in duration and are followed by lower-intensity periods that also can range from 2-15 minutes in duration.

Don't let the two types of training and their ranges confuse you. Incorporating Interval Training methods into your exercise routine is actually quite easy. Since the majority of exercisers fall into either the beginner or intermediate category, we'll focus on getting started with those techniques.

To begin, choose the type of exercise: walking, jogging, swimming, biking, etc. Next determine your lower-intensity level. This is usually somewhere between 50-65% target heart rate. This will be your baseline, lower-level intensity. Then simply increase the intensity-level up to where you feel like you are working hard to very hard, but avoid reaching a level over 85% target heart rate. If monitoring your heart is not feasible, instead use the RPE scale where 1 is basically at rest and 10 is working extremely hard. For example, if you find that when you are exercising at a comfortable level you rank a 5, then bump up to a 7 for the higher-intensity intervals.

You may choose to systematically raise and lower your intensity (e.g. 2 minutes lower intensity followed by 1 minute higher intensity and repeat) or you can alternate more randomly by raising and lowering the level at your discretion. To increase your intensity, you may choose to change the speed, incline, or some other variable.

Interval Training can be especially helpful in situations where you are trying a new form of exercise. For example, this can be very beneficial when first learning to jog. If you attempt to jog continuously without building up to it, you will probably fatigue quickly and even give up. However, if you begin with intervals of walking interspersed with jogging periods, the workout will be much more enjoyable and effective. Also, you will be more likely to stick with the program and achieve the end result - continuous jogging.

Now that you know the benefits of Interval Training and the basic techniques for it, why not give it a try for yourself. Not only will it provide health benefits and improved fitness levels but it is also a great way to avoid workout boredom. Plus, with Interval Training workouts often are more enjoyable, go by quicker, and improvement results come faster. So why not try spicing up a stale, run-of-the-mill workout with Interval options? You may even find yourself excelling in an activity you were skeptical of even trying.

About The Author

Lynn Bode offers her personal training services online through her company, Workouts For You provides even the busiest of parents affordable, personalized exercise programs (via the Internet)for losing weight, toning-up, building muscles & increasing stamina. The programs can be done on their schedule and in the comfort of their own home (or gym or on-the-road). Visit for a FREE sample workout.

Best Core Exercises for Core Strength Training Workouts and Fitness

There are hundreds of muscles in the core of the body - the abs (all layers), lower to mid back, upper pelvic region, the obliques and the world famous 'love handles' areas are loaded with muscles of all different sizes, shapes, lengths and angles - which require specific core exercises to produce the desired core strength training effect.

What is amazing is, these core muscles are all so close together, some of which are layered - meaning muscle behind muscle. And if all of these core muscles are worked out properly with the right exercise program and workouts - it is not a question of "Will I be able to get a great core?" but a question of "When will I have my great core?"

Unlike 97% of core fitness workouts that are in existence, the best core workout, is designed to provide a training stimulus to every single muscle in the body's core a with the right exercises.

The upper, middle and lower core - the love handles - the obliques - the lower and mid back areas (avoiding these will not only prevent you from ever getting killer abs, but can lead to serious injury - this happens EVERY DAY to people who try to exercise without proper guidance - & it is one the reasons why physical therapists are so busy!)

The best core workout does not rely on big expensive fitness machines or silly exercise gadgets.

It does rely on the body itself, its natural movement patterns and how the muscles of the body work in relation to gravity. This means the ideal core workout can be done anywhere, anytime.

A big mistake many people, even trainers, make is to mimic the core routines of bodybuilders or powerlifters. The problem with that is most people are not bodybuilders or powerlifters - and these people tend to overtrain anyway (I know this because I used to do it myself!). The problems here range from a lot of wasted time to serious, long term injuries.

The proper core workout must be designed to provide the most effective exercise training stimulus to the ENTIRE midsection and core, in the shortest amount of time (because we are all very busy people, right?), with minimal risk of injury. The problem is, it is extremely rare to find an ab/core workout routine that fits all of these criteria.

Here is a list of what you should focus on when planning your ideal core workout:

1) A variety of carefully chosen core exercises that provide the ENTIRE midsection and core with the proper stimulus to become lean, defined, flat, strong and solid.

2) A certain number of specific exercises responsible for creating the lines which form 'the Six Pack' look AND uncovering that toned core by pushing your metabolism into fat burning mode.

3) Several functional/core moves that create the diagonal muscle ripples along the side ribcage areas.

4) Targeted exercises that zero in on 'the love handles' to slim them down if they hold extra fat, or firm them up if you want more sexy muscle definition in the core area.

5) Fast core workouts that can be done anywhere, anytime, in a total of 15 to 25 minutes.

6) Core exercises that are appropriate for both men and women.

7) A truly effective core workout should not kill the person doing it. Many trainers, and fitness enthusiasts, do not understand that the word 'killer' (as in killer ab routine) is used as a figure of speech which actually means 'high quality workout that yields amazing results'. No back injuries, no hernias, and no six days worth of soreness.

8) Seek improvements ranging from cosmetic to enhanced performance in regular daily activities, sports and athletics and of course, love making (sexual performance).

9) An assortment of core exercises, combined to create an equal and physiologically necessary, balance on EVERY side of the abs and core to give your body that V-shaped look.

10) Specific exercises, derived from injury rehab programs,which strengthen and tone the deepest layers of the abs & core and most sensitive muscles of the lower back region - to get rid of most common aches and pains and keep you injury free and super-hero strong.

These are the exact principles I follow when training my personal, one-on-one clients AND they are the same principles I follow in my own core strength training workout program. Structure your own core workouts according to the principles outlined above, with the proper selection of core exercises for undeniable results.

Joey Atlas, M.S. - Exercise Physiology, is the creator of Abs of Stone - Core of Steel video series - the internationally distributed Core Exercise & Fitness Training Workout for men and women.

Joey is also the creator of - an interactive, global resource for expert Health & Fitness Programs and Nutrition Advice and Coaching.

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Can I Use Home Fitness Workouts To Get Ripped?

Use a hope fitness workout to get ripped. You don't have to go to the gym to get results. You can workout at your own home and get fit. Often being at home is more motivating and easier than going to a gym. There are many home fitness workouts to consider. Exercise videos are considered the number one way to get ripped at home. You get to pick the video and when you do the workout enjoying the workout in privacy.

Everyone is sure to find a video for their style and need because there are many options available. One program that is becoming popular is Zumba. It is a fat burning program that is usually easy to follow and feels like dancing. These types of home fitness workouts also include a low impact aerobics approach that burns calories. Two more options are step aerobics and kickboxing. You will only need the video and a step platform to do the step aerobics workout. You can adjust the platform to your needs. Then with kickboxing it is an aggressive workout that gets you moving.

Another home fitness workout option that gets you ripped can bring you outside. Go for a walk daily or for a run. It is something everyone can do. You pick the route and can bring along a friend to boost the fun. One idea is to walk and jog during this time. Don't be intimated by a run. You can run for a while then stop to walk for a while. You can push yourself more and more during each outing.

Remember to take breaks during your fitness routines. It is recommended to work out a few times a week and take a few days off. This will allow your body to get maximum results.

Not sure where to Buy P90x? It is not sold in stores buy you can get it online from Marcus Ochoa's website.

Marcus Ochoa is an Independent Beachbody Coach. To find out more information on him and Beachbody's home business opportunity you can visit his blog.

Cardio Fitness

Cardio is important for both weight loss and good cardiovascular health. Some body builders forget the importance of cardio, because they don't want to lose muscle mass as a result. Unless you are an ectomorph, part of your exercise regime should focus on aerobics. Contrary to what some people believe, cardio will not reduce you're muscle mass, and it will help you build up endurance and gain more definition.

Below is a list of reasons why you should keep up to date with your cardio workouts.

Prevention of disease, such as obesity and heart attack

Good mental health (studies show that people who exercise more are less likely to be depressed)

Shed off that layer of unwanted fat to show off the body you worked so hard for

Lowers blood pressure and resting heart rate

Increases blood flow to your muscles, which results in more nutrients being delivered to them

Increases endurance, which might help you lift heavier for longer time periods

When you are doing cardio, there are a few things that you should remember, they are duration, intensity and frequency.


Duration is how long you do a continuous aerobic activity in one session. Ideally, you should be training between 20 and 60 minutes per session. However, if you are a beginner, you may start by doing shorter workouts, of about 10 minutes at a time. Once you become stronger and more comfortable, you should start to increase how long you are exercising for. You should NEVER strain yourself, especially if you are a beginner. If you feel weak or dizzy, slow down or stop, and of course, consult a physician if you have any health problems before you begin. Note that although cardio will not promote muscle loss, if you're goal is to add mass you should be doing only about 20-30 minutes a time or else you will burn too many calories.

Sample workout for a beginner

2 minutes warm up (ex. light walking)

6 minutes higher intensity activity (ex. brisk walking, light jog etc)

2 minutes cool down (ex. light walking or stretching)

Sample workout for intermediate

5 minutes warm up

20-35 minutes high intensity cardio

5 minutes cool down

Sample workout for advanced

10 mins warm up

40 mins high intensity cardio

10 mins cool down

Cardio Fitness Continued

Intensity means how hard you are working during your activities. This is a key component for optimal health and fat loss. Beginners should aim for a target heart rate of lower that 55% of their maximum heart rates, while intermediate and advanced people should aim for about 65-90%. Your maximum heart rate level is approximately 220 minus your age, but of course this may vary depending on your fitness level. Gym equipment usually has hand censors that will tell you what your heart rate is at, so that you can maintain a good level of intensity throughout your workout. If you find these censors annoying to hold or you are outside, and easy way to see how hard you are working is to see how well you can talk.

If you can sing without difficulty, you aren't working hard enough

If you can talk without much difficulty, you aren't working very hard

If you can talk with a little difficulty, you are working at an average

If you can't talk at all, you might be working too hard

Take a look at these guidelines, and judge for yourself what a good pace is for you.


Unless you are an ectomorph, you should be generally performing cardio 3-5 times per week, unless you have a lot of fat to loose you can go for 5-7 times per week. You should never space you're cardio fitness sessions out for more than 48 hours because your body start to loose the positive effects of the previous workout.

Interval Training

Interval training is a cardio workout that will take less time than a regular cardio workout and burn more calories. This type of workout is very effective and you will only need to do it for 15 - 20 minutes at a time. An example of interval training is to run for 3 minutes and walk briskly for 2 minutes. You continue this cycle until your workout is complete (don't forget to warm up!). This type of workout is great for preventing the boredom that can come with steady state cardio and boosts fat lose. Interval training is also good for improving you're cardiovascular abilities and preventing the muscle loss that can come with regular cardio. Remember that you should always be changing the duration of how long you are running and walking to keep your body guessing. This type of cardio can be done on virtually any cardio machine, and also outdoors.

Interval training vs. steady state cardio

Interval training - Pro's

burns a lot of fat

takes less time

burns less muscle tissue

Steady state cardio - Pro's

Improves endurance

Little impact on joints

It is not as easy to "burn out" - so you will end up burning more calories

An ideal workout routine will consist of both of these types of cardio, as they both have their own benefits. I would recommend doing interval training one day and steady state the next.

Sample week of cardio workouts


Steady state cardio 40 minutes stationary bike


Interval training 20 minutes treadmill




Steady state cardio 30 minutes swimming


Interval training 20 minutes ecliptical trainer




Steady state cardio 60 minutes rollerblading

This is just an example to show you how you can vary your workouts. Remember to keep them fun and change them up weekly so that your body never gets used to a certain workout, and you don't get bored!

Tyler King writes about various health topics and helps run

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Choosing An Effective Total Body Home Fitness Workout.

There are many total body fitness workouts out there. When it comes to finally selecting one you also want to make sure you are choosing an effective total body home fitness workout. One that will deliver the results you are after. But since there are so many to choose from how do you know that you are choosing one that is best for you?

It can be a little overwhelming or even frustrating when you finally make the choice that you are going to do some type of home fitness routine or program but you just can't decide on which one to choose. While making the decision to buy one I think there are a couple of things to ask yourself.

First, what is your fitness level? I think it is good idea to make a choice based upon what your fitness level is. If you have never worked out a day in your life than you don't want to end up with a workout that is too difficult. Mainly because if you can't perform the exercises than you are going to give up and not continue with it.

On the other hand if you have been consistent and want more of a challenge from your workout then you don't want to get one that is too easy. Again, you will be disappointed and chances are you are not going to use it.

Second what is it you expect from your home fitness routine or program? Do you need a good cardio routine? Are you looking to build or improve your muscle tone through strength training? Maybe you want to focus on your core or abs through palates or yoga. Then again maybe these are all areas that you would like to or need to focus on.

Again, there is an effective total body home fitness workout for each of the areas mentioned. Once you are looking in the right area for your fitness goals it is easier to narrow it down to the right home fitness routine for you!

Home fitness workouts are something that I have grown to love. Now as a stay at home parent they fit even more perfectly into my schedule. Whether I've only got a half hour or longer I can still get my fitness workout in.

To see the trainers and programs that I use for my personal home fitness workouts visit

Extreme Fitness Through Intense Workouts

Extreme Fitness is achieved by an intense workout session in which the body is pushed to go through intense exercises like Plyometrics, heavy weight lifting etc. In order to have a toned body or to build muscles or to lose extra fat from the body, the muscles are pushed to reach the next level by applying a combination of strength training and weight training exercises.

Therefore, Extreme Fitness has multiple uses for different type of people like a body builder can get ripped and also gain lean muscles, an advanced aerobic trainer can set and control the pace of his cardiovascular system, an athlete can improve his performance incredibly etc. The basic concept of fitness is the capacity to build much more powerful and explosive muscles in less time. A higher level of fitness can be easily attained within the workout routines.

Some high intensity cardio exercises such as biking, jogging and workouts on training machines start setting and increasing the cardiovascular pace. The intensity of these workouts is very high like jogging is done for miles and not for minutes and cycling is done for climbing mountains and not the routine passive cycling. Thus, from the non intense workouts the routine is pushed to the intense workouts within the vicinity of the gyms where these exercises can be done by using treadmills, stationery cycles and elliptical trainers.

If a person wants to get ripped then Extreme Fitness involves repetitive heavy weight lifting in a more efficient and correct manner under the guidance of fitness trainers who can help in assessing the type of routine that needs to be followed for reaping maximum results per session in accordance with the type of body shape one has.

These Extreme Fitness intense workouts need to be supported by a complete nutrition balance. The diet should include low fat meals with a high intake of fresh fruits & vegetables. Protein rich foods are consumed for increasing muscle mass and foods rich in carbohydrates and calories provide energy and stamina to sustain the intense workouts. The body requires this kind of diet to obtain the desired results of Extreme Fitness. Please click here to learn more about Extreme Fitness.

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Fitness Ab Workouts - How to Get That Six Pack Appeal

It is a common idea among fitness gurus that the way a person's ab muscles are shaped and look somehow affect the totality of the impression they project. A gorgeously-displayed six-pack is an awesome thing to behold. And somehow for the minds of most people who get to take a glimpse of it registers an image of a fitness fanatic trying to get rid of those unwanted and ugly pot belly fats. Images of malformed arms, uneven chest and legs flash as if denoting an enormous demand for gym engagements. It may somehow appear that hours of rigorous fitness ab workouts aimed at rectifying the ugliness of all the muscles are close to doing the impossible.

An awful-looking and bulging tummy vice a beautifully-sculptured one is a mess. While people may tend to regard abs at different perspectives as stout and fit, no fitness gurus are efficient and no fitness regimens or workout programs are beneficial unless enthusiasts commit themselves completely responsible for whatever it is that may become of their own bodies.

The following fitness ab workouts should be helpful to put the abs at proper perspectives.


On a fitness platform, lie down and flex your knees lightly so the feet are secured flatly on the floor. Press your hands on the back of your head, then slowly bring up the shoulders off the floor. On every rear up, make sure the neck is secure and is not forced up while pressing the abdominal muscles gently.

Lift just the shoulder blades up from the floor and remain suspended in that position for a couple of seconds before retreating the shoulders to the fitness mat. Make sure not to retreat the shoulders completely to the floor prior to repeating the sequence. With 2 seconds interval between repetitions, this workout can be done in 3 sets consisting of around 20 repeats.


Start out with a couple of ropes secured on the cable machine. Feet pressed on the floor, grasp the ropes with both hands and lock them on your head's sides. Then slowly, bring your elbows around your knees feeling and holding the contracting muscles for about 3 seconds. Stretch up to the point where the trunk is parallel to the ground. The sequence may be carried out for about 20-30 repeats in sets of 3 for people with average weight.


Utilizing both of the hands to maintain balance and even position, hold on to the sides of the exercise bench while sitting on its edge. With your legs extended outward now, bring or bend your knees closely to your chest making sure that the abdominal muscles are being contracted in the process. Keep suspended in this position for about a couple of seconds before slowly stretching the legs back to relax prior to going over the entire sequence again. As much as possible, the springing and bouncing should be kept at a minimum level. This workout can be done for 15-30 repeats in 3 sets.

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Fitness Model Program

Fitness Model Program, or Fitness workout? The question that bothers most of Fitness fanatics on which one will turn them into a fitness model. They have no idea which program works and what's the difference between the two.

If you just want to lose weight, drop some pounds and simply workout you can go to your nearest gym. If that's not good enough for you, search Google for Fitness workout and there you are, hundreds of thousands of workout programs offering all kinds of exercise routines, weight lifting and more workouts that you can ever imagine from which Fitness Model Program differs.

You can find more diet reviews and weight loss programs on the internet these days. But the problem is that almost all of them are the same and only focus on one thing, that is to help you lose weight just like any other magazine you can find at your ordinary store. Sure they can help you get slim, but is that all you want? is that what you call a Fitness Model Program?

You should learn more what Fitness Model Program is all about. To become a fitness model, your program should not only focus on your body but also help you develop your looks. You're luck if you can find a site that offers a complete Fitness Model Program without paying a celebrity price.

Can your ordinary Fitness Program give you this?

1 - Effective Exercise Program. an Easy workout plan that covers every area of your body from burning fats of your biceps, legs, hips to burning and sculpting your belly from day one and until you get that perfect abs. A real easy workout that many program failed to teach you and this is what a Fitness Model Program should be good at.

2 - Food plan and recipes. Other program will just give you a clue on what to eat and don't care how you are going to make your food. This the most important part of all, so it should be detailed from grocery list, recipes, food preparation and eating schedule. The right food guide that will satisfy your hunger when you're on a Fitness Model Program.

3 - Health and beauty management. Your aim is to become a fitness model so it must not only give you great body but also care for your looks. If you have a great body but you have a masculine look then your goal is ruined. While working out to develop your body, your looks should also go with it not set it apart. That's differs the Fitness Model Program from your ordinary fitness workout because it covers the beauty area.

You see, while working out you will gain muscle and this damages our looks and that's why you should look for a Fitness Model Program and not just a workout. Check out the links below to see our recommended program.

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