Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Use Wobble Boards As Part Of Your Daily Exercise Routine

Wobble boards, also known as balance boards, are often used to improve balance and muscle tone.  Most people would not be familiar with the term, unless they are fitness conscious, or have undergone some kind of physical rehabilitation. So what exactly is a wobble board?

A wobble board generally consists of a rounded plate, with a saucer-shaped section underneath.  The person using it would step onto the plate, and would have to have to balance him or herself while trying to stay on top of the board.  Any shift in weight on the plate would cause the board to wobble, hence the name.  A board such as this could also be used to strengthen the leg, abdominal, and arm muscles, since the act of balancing on the board can provide a fairly intense workout for all those muscle groups.

The main benefit of using balance boards would be that of increased core strength and improved balance.  It also forces the muscles to strain in both directions, because of the constant shifting motion.  Another interesting use for a wobble board is that it can be used during yoga sessions.  Some of the poses included in most yoga sessions can be fairly difficult, but when a wobble board is used, it creates an even greater challenge. 

Using wobble boards as part of a workout routine can yield even better results, because the board increases the difficulty level and helps to provide extra toning.  All muscle groups can benefit from the use of wobble boards, even the abdominal muscles.  When someone wants to tone their abdominal muscles, they would use just the abdominal muscles to balance themselves, while allowing the legs and arms to relax.

Wobble boards can make up a significant part of a workout routine but the average session is broken up into smaller segments of up to two minutes.  If someone is a complete novice, he or she may start out with shorter sessions, or sessions consisting of shorter segments.  Segments of up to two minutes may sound really short, but the muscle toning can be quite intense so shorter segments are just as effective.  Even extremely fit individuals may find it hard to complete longer segments.

It is easy to see how the use of a balance board can intensify a workout, and it is for exactly this reason that most fitness fanatics use it to enhance their efforts.  It is a great way to achieve greater toning in a shorter space of time, and can help work out the entire body rather than just one muscle group at a time.

Wobble boards are also used for rehabilitation and a great example of this would be to strengthen the ankles.  Using a wobble board is a good way to strengthen the tendons, and to get the ankle used to the 'rolling' motion in order to prevent future injuries or sprains.  It is something to consider if someone needs to strengthen certain tendons, while avoiding potential injury due to the impact associated with other forms of exercise.

In short, wobble boards are not only fun, but efficient.  It is a great choice for anyone who wants to add a little spice to their workout routine, or even for those who would like to tone up different muscle groups.

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