Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Resistance Bands Abs Exercise: Sitted and Kneeled Crunches

There are many abs exercises you can perform to strengthen and develop your abdominal muscles, and some you can do with exercise bands. These may even add some more difficulty because of the resistance provided by the elastic tube. If crunches have been one of the most recommended move for this body part, you will see the variation can get you great results, and you may even enjoy more this form too.

Actually there are two forms to perform these abs exercises: sitted and kneeled crunches. These variations are well known from the guys at the gym, but they generally use cables machines to perform this one. No need for expensive equipment here, a resistance band will do perfectly!

Note that you should also have a door anchor included with your set of bands, or any other sort of attachment.

Here's how you perform the sitted resistance ab crunch:

1. Place the door anchor the top of the door, and get your band inside it.

2. Grab the handles of the band, one in each hand. Sit on a chair, back to the door. Hold the handles against your chest. That's the staring position.

3. Crunch by leaning forward bringing your chest toward your knees. Use your abs to execute the movement. don't use your arms to press down. Slowly get back to the starting position.

This can easily be reproduced in a kneeling position. You still have your back to the door, on your knees, your butts are not resting on your heels. Lean slithgtly forward to start feeling the tension. This is the starting position. To make a rep, lean forward bringing your forehead towards the floor. Again use your abs to perform this move, you should feel them contracting during the movement.

This is a great variations of crunches which add resistance to a standard bodyweight exercise, so it is a little more advanced.

There are tons more exercises you can perform with resistance bands, you should have a good set of these tubes as they are inexpensive, portable and amazingly versatile.

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