Friday, March 18, 2011

The Differences Between the P90X and Insanity Home Workout Systems

Does the P90X or Insanity home workout system best meet your needs? There are distinct differences in each of the workout systems and in this article I will be discussing and examining each of them.

We will begin with one of the more important factors: cost. The initial cost of each workout system is the same, $119.85. The P90X however has added costs that come along with it. These added costs should not be a deterrent because the P90X is designed to target different parts of your body and give you different results than the Insanity program.

The P90X is a program that is designed to improve both your cardiovascular health and your strength. There are 6 workouts a week. Three of them are strength workouts and the other three are cardiovascular workouts.

The added costs that come along with the P90X involves purchasing stretch bands/dumbbells and a pull-up bar. Some may have dumbbells lying around their home so this cost will not be an issue for them.

The next cost associated with the P90X is a pull-up bar. It is probably safe to say that nobody has a pull-up bar lying around their home. I purchased a pull-up bar for 39.99. The pull-up bar installs very easily. It actually took me more time to put it together than it did to put up in a doorway. The pull-up bar is designed to be put up and taken down in any doorway. It is extremely safe and will not damage the trim in your doorway.

Finally, each P90X workout is at least an hour long. As stated earlier, three days a week you will be doing strength workouts. After each of these workouts you will do the Ab Ripper. The Ab Ripper is 15 minutes added onto your initial workouts. Both workouts end up being just over an hour long. The remaining cardio workouts are about 50 minutes each.

With the Insanity workout, what you see is what you get. There is no added cost for additional equipment. The Insanity workout system does not focus on strength training too much. I feel that most of the people that you see in the testimonials who are really ripped already had those muscles underneath their fat and just needed some help toning them up. Don't get me wrong, your muscle mass will increase a bit with Insanity, but not as much as it would with the P90X.

The Insanity workout system is perfect for people who just want to lose a lot of weight, are not too concerned about putting on muscle, and who love a tough cardio workout. Depending on how hard you go, you can plan on burning between 600-800 calories per Insanity workout. Some who go "crazy" during the workouts will burn close to 1000 calories.

The Insanity workouts on average are around 40 minutes long. They are shorter than the P90X workouts but you will burn more calories with Insanity. Before my first Insanity workout I refused to believe that I would burn more calories with Insanity. I knew the workouts were shorter so it just didn't make sense to me. It was about 10 minutes into my first workout when I became a believer. I couldn't remember having worked so hard and sweat so much.

Insanity is created on the "Max Interval Training" technique. If you have no idea what that means don't feel bad, I had no idea what it meant the first time I heard it either. Basically, it means that you work your butt off for 40 minutes with three or four 30 second water breaks placed in there. He (Shawn-T) will bring your heart rate up to around 160 bpm and hold it there for a bit. He will then give you a break to bring it back down to around 125 bpm. Do this 3-4 times and there is your workout.

The Insanity workout program will get you into great cardio shape. I wrestled in high school and during the season considered myself to be in top-notch condition. After completing the 60-day Insanity program I honestly felt that I was close to being back in "wrestling shape".

Insanity is perfect for people who love a tough cardio workout. People that love to run and who are training for a road race, Insanity is perfect for you. Insanity will allow you to change up your mundane workout routine without your lungs and heart missing out on the needed training.

Depending upon your needs will determine what program to go with. If you are looking to improve both your cardiovascular health and increase your muscle mass than the P90X is for you. If you are just looking to melt some fat off of your body and like short, intense workouts than Insanity is for you.

By Nathan McCabe


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