Monday, March 14, 2011

Tae-Bo Workout - Advanced and Tae-Bo Live! Sneak Preview [VHS]

Tae-Bo Workout - Advanced and Tae-Bo Live! Sneak Preview [VHS]When Billy Blanks called this workout Advanced, he wasn't fooling around. This 57-minute workout will have your heart racing, your pulse pounding, and your sweat glands working overtime. The familiar moves from Tae-Bo Instructional and Basic are here, but Blanks has put a little razzmatazz on them, adding slightly more complicated combinations that should be fairly easy to master if you've completed the first two tapes. The new moves--which combine Tae-Bo's patented mix of boxing punches and martial arts kicks--make this video much more exciting, but they also considerably raise the bar on the difficulty factor. In addition to the short warm-up, the cool down, and the 30 minutes of Tae-Bo, Advanced Tae-Bo also includes 18 minutes of muscle-crunching floor work. You know you're in trouble when even the guys in the tape have trouble keeping up. As Blanks says, your "butt should be on fire," and if you need to, "go ahead and scream a little." But, as always, Blanks is a supportive coach, reminding you to go at your own pace (stop for water if necessary), yet encouraging you to push yourself as much as you can. The music is still cheesy, and some of the camera work somewhat confusing (the overhead angle makes the body positioning in the floor work hard to follow). However, this is a terrific workout when you're ready to take Tae-Bo to the next level; just make sure you have truly mastered the first two tapes before attempting Advanced. A 20-minute sneak preview of Tae-Bo Live is included with this video. --Jenny Brown

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