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Gladiator Workouts - From Ancient Times to Modern Day

Ancient Gladiators trained like true athletes, similar to the way professional athletes train today. Along with regular physical training, they were also taught how to use various weapons including the war chain, net, trident, dagger, and lasso.

In present day, most of use have no need to hurl nets or carry daggers. However, we do lift and carry things on a regular basis. Resistance training itself has been linked to numerous benefits including increasing bone mineral density, increasing strength, helping with daily activities, reducing body fat, leading to longer life, and improving heart condition.

In other words, you may not need to be as agile, and strong as a Roman Gladiator, but it wouldn't hurt to be able to lift a lot, play a lot, and live a long, healthy life.

Gladiator Athleticism and Aesthetics

One of the things that Roman Gladiators did not do is go into a gym and do bicep curls. They also didn't do any machine work either. Of course, they probably didn't have any weight training machines as we do now (although I wouldn't be surprised if someone dug something up. Ancient technology is fascinating).

But instead, by sticking to basic calisthenics movements they trained themselves to better move their bodies in the heat of a fight while holding heavy weapons and shields (not to mention wearing heavy armor).

In my view, athleticism is far more useful in daily life than having big biceps or a six pack.

Train Like a Modern Day Gladiator

Unless you go off an join a group of actors who perform Gladiator workouts for a living, there's a very small chance that you'll ever get your hands on a trident or dagger.

What's the best substitution? Dumbbells! If you perform ballistic dumbbell movements such as snatches, swings, and cleans, you can easily develop the same or even better level of athleticism and power asexhibited by the performers in the videos.

Combine that with bodyweight training, and you have a complete athletic workout that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Actually, there's a program out there already available.

It's known as the Gladiator Body Workout (conveniently), developed by Coach Eddie Lomax. This program features 6 4-week workouts that focus on slightly different goals, but still revolve around the same basis idea: perform high intensity bodyweight and dumbbell workouts to drop fat, build lean muscle mass, improve strength, and improve overall general health and athleticism.

The following are the 6 programs incorporated in the program:

Workout #1: General Fitness Workout - Overall program that sets up for the other 5 workout programs in the package. You'll certainly feel lighter, be stronger, and experience a level of athleticism that you're not used to after going through these first 4 weeks.

Workout #2: Fat Loss Workout - Kick up your workouts and take your body into a new level of high intensity training to drop fat faster than ever before with puke-inducing workouts.

Workout #3: Strength & Size Workout - How will you ever get more powerful without proper strength and size training? Use these 4 weeks to pack on as much strength and mass as possible.

Workout #4: Rounds of Fury - This is where the real fun begins. Rounds of Fury feature 13 different kinds of timed rounds. It's basically you against the clock in the race to see how long you can last (or, if you can last at all).

Workout #5: Juggernaut Workout - Coach Lomax reveals a secret weapon tactic using a unique 21-15-9 rep scheme that is guaranteed to shock your body into new levels of fitness.

Workout #6: Utterly Nasty Interval Training - It's the name that scares you. I highly recommend attempting this workout program last, because if you're not in good condition, you won't survive.

Coach Lomax also does something completely UNHEARD of. He gives you the tools to create your own workouts in his Build Your Own Workout guide. No coach does this, but Coach Lomax understands that it's absolutely crucial that you understand how to create your own workouts so that you can make progress for the rest of your life.

Bonus Workouts: Maximum Intensity Revealed

Here's a secret not too many people know. For a limited time, I'm offering a set of my own, bonus workouts to supplement Coach Lomax's workouts. The name of my program is known as Maximum Intensity Revealed, and features 3 months of workouts.

Now, if you buy Coach Lomax's Combo Package which includes Extreme Dumbbell Fitness and Ultimate Gymless Workout, then you're basically going to be getting a lot of workouts.

It can get confusing as to exactly how to perform these workouts. Where do you begin? So, in the beginning of Maximum Intensity Revealed (MIR), I show you three options you can use to organize all your workouts.

After this, we move straight into the workouts. The first program is a 4-Week Athletic Bodyweight Program. This program was devised using basic circuits and pyramids schemes.

If you don't know what these are, then don't worry. I explain everything to you. After each workout, I also show you what to do in the following weeks to progress with each workout.

The second workout is a Dumbbell-only program. And the third workout is a Dumbbell and Bodyweight combination program. Finally, I end MIR by showing you how to make your workouts harder or easier.

You can implement these options into Coach Lomax's Workouts as well, if you feel some workouts are too easy or difficult for you. But, the bottom line is that the more options and knowledge you have, the better results you will get with your training.

To learn more about the Gladiator Body Workout, check out my blog ShahTraining.com

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