Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spartan Home Workout - Take the Challenge and Transform Your Body

By far one of the most popular workouts ever, if not the most popular, was the 300 workout the actors from the movie "300" performed while they were training for their roles.

While the traditional 300 workout was a "right of passage" rather than a workout performed on a frequent basis, people still loved the idea and even became addicted to the notion the workout created.

The original 300 workout consisted of several different exercises performed for a prescribed number of repetitions, and the total number equaled 300.

That workout required barbells and other equipment, but you are about to get a "Spartan home workout" that doesn't require any equipment. The only thing you will need for this workout is your bodyweight.

There are a few things that should be noted before we dive into the workout. First: this is not going to be easy! You are going to be performing total body exercises that are going to get you breathing hard and heavy. Second: you can perform this workout once a week if you like. If you do so, make sure you decrease the amount of time it takes you to complete the entire workout. However, you can also use this workout less frequently to test your strength and endurance levels.

This sample workout will help you burn off pounds of body fat, build lean muscle, and drastically improve your conditioning levels.

Spartan Home Workout

Bodyweight Squats x 50
Close Grip Push-ups x 25
Door Pull-ups x 25
Burpees with Push-ups x 20
Alternating Forward Lunges x 20 each leg
Mountain Climbers x 20 each side
Door Pull-ups x 20
T Push-ups x 10 each side
Burpees x 20
One Leg Romanian Deadlifts x 20 each leg

Perform the prescribed number of repetitions for each exercise before moving on to the next one. You don't have to perform all of the repetitions non-stop. For example: if you have to take a pause during the 50 bodyweight squats, that's fine. Just complete the circuit as fast as possible, and make sure to time yourself. Oh, and just so you know there is a total of 300 repetitions in that workout.

Create Your Own Spartan Home Workout

Once you get bored or too advanced for that workout, feel free to design your own. Just make sure you choose big, compound exercises like the ones listed above. Also, make sure you pick exercises that target the main muscle groups. Push-ups and all variations work your chest, shoulders, and triceps. Pull-ups and inverted rows are perfect for your back and biceps. All squat and lunge variations target your lower body.

One More Tip

You can also increase the difficulty of the workout provided. Just increase the number of repetitions for each exercise; anywhere from five to 10 additional repetitions for each. Or, you can increase the total number of repetitions by 100 and divide that number equally among the exercises.

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