Friday, April 1, 2011

Importance of Water in Workouts

What Is Hydration?

Hydration. What is the technical term and why do we need it? Hydration is such an important factor in exercises, especially when it comes to powerful abdominal exercises that wear you out extremely fast.

Now when I say hydration, I mean those liquids that you actually benefit from, and those that actually help you gain more energy during your workouts.

So let's see just how vital water is to your overall daily workouts and even just life. Research has proven that water is one of the most essential and important ingredients to a healthy life.

How Vital Water Is To Your Life:

Water is what keeps you hydrated and gives your blood that extra oxygen to keep pushing during your workouts. So let's just say without water, your workout is basically pointless because you'll be dead with no energy at all.

Your workouts REQUIRE high amounts of water in your system, because water is what fuels your body to keep going hard during your workouts.

Now, I am not just saying water is extremely good because I want to live a "healthy" life and that's what all the health and nutrition specialists told me. No, water actually has a large number of important and vital functions in your body.

Let's see what this highly overlooked source of nutrition can do for you.

Protects Your Vital Tissues And Joints:

First of all, water is what keeps your joints, tissues, and bones highly saturated and lubricated so they stay like that during your workouts. This is extremely important because your joints and tissues are obviously what you mostly use during your workouts.

When you have no water in your system prior to or during your workout, a lot can go wrong with your tissues and joints, and this can even cause you to feel tender in a certain area and even cause sharp pains due to lack of water.

I've personally experience this countless times, and I want to be sure I save you the ache and pain from lack of water.

Get That Nutrition To Your Body:

Another main point to make with water, is that it is the major transporter or nutrients. Now why in the world would we care about this during workouts?

Well if your body is able to transport nutrients, that means everything you ate before your workout, is now being transported throughout your body in a positive manner.

So, if you had a protein shake and your aiming to chisel your six pack abs by developing that muscle, then the water you drink is able to transport those nutrients to the targeted muscle group your working out.

This transport of nutrients then develops the muscle around your six pack abdominals area, so that you get even faster chiseled abs.

Regulate Your Body Temperature:

The last thing water does for you is that it continuously regulates your body temperature through the sweat that your body produces so that your body doesn't overheat and cause over-exhaustion.

It is very important to keep your body temperature regulated throughout your workouts because when you start to become fatigued due to over-exhaustion, you begin to become sluggish during your workouts, which highly minimizes your results.

Another thing is that you can even pass out due to over-exhaustion, if your body temperature isn't properly regulated with the assistance of water.

The main point I'm trying to make is to stay hydrated. Stay hydrated and drink water before, during, and after your workout, so you have as much energy as possible throughout your workout.

Water Is Way More Important Than You Think:

Water is more important than most people realize, and I want to make sure that you don't make these mistakes by staying hydrated with the proper amount of water in your system.

When I emphasize the importance of proper hydration, there is so much more behind this simple workout tip.

You literally almost can't workout without water, because water is the secret ingredient behind your workout performance and results.

Proper amount of water intake is mainly essential to comfort, performance and safety. When you have a constant flow of water into your system, you can workout longer, maximize your results, and not feel like you're pushing yourself to the limit.

Don't Feel Sluggish:

Water provides your body with the right amount of nutrition and hydration to keep you from passing out as well. When you're properly hydrated with water, your body is more energized, which keeps you from feeling over-worked.

I remember when I used to not drink water during my workouts. I would feel so sluggish, have no energy, and just want to quit half way through the workout.

However, once I started drinking water constantly throughout my workout, I felt so extremely energized, and was able to push myself to workout harder and longer.

Main Idea To Stay Hydrated With Water:

The main concept behind hydrating with water, is that the longer and more intensely you work out, the more important it is to drink water throughout the workout.

Stay hydrated with lots of water throughout your work out and drink as much as your body needs at a constant time frame.

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Now that you know the importance of water in workouts, you need to know exactly what hydrating liquids you need to be drinking during your workouts to get maximum results.


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