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Top 3 Turbulence Training Bodyweight Workouts

Turbulence Training is an effective home fitness system which incorporates a variety of cheap, in home fitness equipment to design high intensity workouts to help you burn fat and build lean muscle mass.

Author Craig Ballantyne has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals all over the world to reduce stubborn body fat and literally change their lives. He has done this solely through his main Turbulence Traininge Book.

Well, in addition to his main fat loss manual, he also has hundreds of other workouts which he sells separately. Most cost as low as $10. So, if you do not wish to spend $40 on a full program, you may interested in an individual workout that gives you even more results but costs much less.

Turbulence Training Bodyweight Workout

Craig has developed a lot of bodyweight-only workouts. This is because he realizes that one of the main excuses people use to not working out is the fact that they are unable to afford a gym.

An average gym may cost up to $400 per year. Most people would rather spend that $400 paying the bills, or investing in education for their children. Well, Craig says, save your $400 and just train with your bodyweight in the comfort of your own home.

Before Turbulence Training, bodyweight exercises ere only used properly with a few, handful of people. These individuals were usually athletes who had been training with their bodyweight for many years.

Well, Craig has taken what he knows about bodyweight training, developed a program, and has helped made bodyweight workouts available to the general public. So lets take a look at three of his best bodyweight workouts:

Workout #1: Bodyweight Cardio 2.0

Bodyweight cardio is recent "buzz word" that basically means that you're replacing your regular cardio exercises with bodyweight exercises. So instead of spending 30 minutes on a treadmill, you'll spend 15 minutes doing a bodyweight circuit designed to get your heart rate up.

You'll need to spend less time performing bodyweight cardio then regular cardio since the workouts will be done at a higher intensity level. The question here isn't whatseparates Bodyweight Cardio from regular Cardio, but instead what separates Bodyweight Cardio from regular Bodyweight Training.

The answer to this question is....I don't know. In terms of Turbulence Training, Craig tends to refer to Bodyweight Circuits as Bodyweight Cardio. And his regular bodyweight workouts are usually in the format of supersets.

Workout #2: 30 Minute Bodyweight Circuit Training

As you can see, I love bodyweight circuits. This particular workout is formatted a bit differently. Craig gives you a set of exercises to perform in a circuit. You set a timer for 30 minutes, then do as many circuits as you can, nonstop within a time frame of 30 minutes.

This sort of training is extremely beneficial, since it pushes you to try to complete more rounds within the 30 minutes. What I like to do is record how many rounds and total repetitions I completed within the workout, then try to beat my performance the following week.

Workout #3: Advanced Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight Cardio is a great program for beginners. 30 minute Bodyweight Circuit is more of an intermediate workout. The following workout is an advanced routine. It's known as the Bodyweight 1000, and it's hard core.

Ultimate Bodyweight Package

There are two ways you can approach purchasing all these workouts. You can buy each workout one by one (which I prefer), or you can buy all the workouts at once. The benefits of buying a workout one by one is lack of confusion.

In other words, when you have access to hundreds of workouts all at once, you just don't know where to start. Instead, it would be better for you to buy a workout, go through the full 4-week program, then move onto the next routine.

However, in the long run this strategy would cost you a lot of money. $10 each month is $120. Instead, you can grab all the turbulence training workouts for less than $60.

It's known as the Turbulence Training Bodyweight Deluxe Package, and it's basically a package of a whole bunch of bodyweight workouts.

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