Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Vince Delmonte Workout - 5 Muscle Building Workout Tips

The Vince Delmonte workout program aims to show skinny hardgainers how to gain weight and build muscle, often where they have failed to previously.

Below are my five muscle building tips that every hardgainer should be utilizing in order to gain muscle mass, and I've shown how each one relates to the Vince Delmonte workout program.

Eat More Calories...Much More

The biggest reason most skinny guys and girls fail to gain muscle mass is their insufficient calorie intake.

In order to gain weight and build muscle you need to be consume a much larger amount of calories per day in order to achieve your goals.

As a general rule of thumb, you'll want to multiply your current bodyweight in pounds by 24 to achieve your daily calorie goal. For example if you weight 150 pounds you should be aiming to consume (150 x 24) 3,600.

This is a simplified formula, and there are other factors to consider. The Vince Delmonte workout shows you how to measure bodyfat and necessary caloric intakes accurately, for your specific circumstances.

Follow An All-Body Workout Program

In addition to an adequate diet, the need to follow a proven all-body workout program cannot be overstated.

Many hardgainers are wrongly advised to split their workouts into upper body and lower body, often resulting in them only working out one body part once per week.

The Vince Delmonte workout shows you how to organize and plan your workouts to get the maximum benefit to your muscles. By performing 3 or 4 all-body workouts per week, you are guaranteeing that your muscles are being stimulated sufficiently for massive muscle growth. The goal here is to stimulate as much muscle as possible each time you hit the gym.

Compound Exercises

In addition, compound exercises are the best way to stimulate multiple muscle groups and fibres and get the most muscle building bang for your buck.

Free weights exercises like Squats, Deadlifts and Bench Press, work a larger number of large muscles, as well as forcing you to utilize minor stabilizing muscles. This all in turn results in faster muscle gains, and a more efficient workout time...meaning you spend less time down the gym.

The Vince Delmonte workout focuses on compound exercises in order to get you muscle gains as fast as possible, with particular reference to the "big basic" exercises such as Squats and Deadlifts (as mentioned above), since these get you moving as much weight as possible each workout session.

Change Up Your Workouts To Prevent Stagnation

Many skinny guys and girls fail to change up their workouts on a regular basis, meaning that they often see initial gains, which tend to trail off after a few weeks. The main reason for this is that your body is getting used to stress which is being placed upon it.

The Vince Delmonte workout takes the approach that in order to see consistent muscle gains you need to make your body keep "guessing". By changing up your workouts regularly, through rep and set numbers, and exercise variations, you keep your muscles "on their toes" and continue to see sustained muscle growth over time.

The Vince Delmonte workout provides you with over a year's worth of workout routines, and the advice on how to best use them and change them to fit your own circumstances. This enables you to build your own workouts in the future.

Understand and Harness Your Natural Hormones

Many people tend to overlook the role that your natural hormones play in helping you to gain muscle mass. By understanding them, and learning how to use them to your advantage you can see impressive muscle gains, without resorting to pills, potions and of that other junk.

The Vince Delmonte workout shows you the role your hormones play in everyday activity and how best to use them to your advantage and get an edge on the competition.

From sleeping patterns to what you eat, Vince shows you how to maximize the positive muscle building hormones in your body, and minimize the existence of the negative ones - since these can really sabotage an otherwise sound workout and nutrition program. He also shows you how to maximize your testosterone levels by choosing the exercises that increase them substantially.

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