Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tips for Effective Results of P90X Program

If you wish to see the leaner you, lose those love handles, and are ready to slog for it for 90 days, there is no reason why you would be disappointed by the P90X program.

The program promises to help you achieve this by following the concept of "muscle confusion" over a period of 12 weeks. This term means to concentrate on working different sets of muscles in one set of exercise and not let the body adapt to one workout.

By constantly targeting different muscles during the workout, it is possible to confuse the body, so as to reap beneficial results. Different sets of exercises have been created keeping this in view. Given below are a few tips, which the user of P90X program can consider to make this program more effective:

1. The P90X program is appealing and sensible in its approach. It deals with the basics of exercising by doing resistance training and plyometrics three days a week and concentrating on cardio/yoga/stretching for three days. The first three weeks of the exercise concentrates on working out the chest and back and alternating it with shoulders and arms, the fourth week is for yoga and weeks no.5, 6 and 7 are for chest, shoulder triceps or back and biceps.

For a person who has a de-conditioned body, the program will be very effective and will make it stronger. However, for a completely untrained body, the body builder abs will not occur in the said time. Therefore, before beginning with the program, it is essential to establish an exercise routine so that the program can work effectively.

2. There are exercises, which target one muscle group and then switch to another muscle group to create muscle confusion. Exercises like pull-ups and push-ups involve the whole body. While starting with the P90X program, it is best to do these compound exercises till the body gets used to a regimen. Doing the biceps and triceps exercises are for people, who wish to have big muscular arms. So, if the goal is a lean muscled body then compound exercises are the best.

3. Plyometrics, a part of the P90X program, involves exercising on one leg for one hour continuously. They are extremely stressful to an untrained body. So, if you are not comfortable with plyometrics, you can go easy on them and still get a great body. Along with a great body, you will also have less aches and pains and therefore, will be able to workout better.

It is possible to get six pack abs in 12 weeks, if you have are used to exercises and are not fat. For people who have fat deposits, the 12-week program will make them lose the fat and give them a lean body. The P90X diet plan is good as it is a balanced meal plan including all the essential nutrients that are required while doing these intensive workouts. By following these tips, you can have a lean body and will feel great at the end of it.

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