Friday, July 1, 2011

Want Ab Machine Workouts? Try The Inflight Multi Ab and Back Machine

Trying - and failing - to get those six pack abs you wanted? What if I told you there was an abs machine out there that could help you get the results you want? Well, here it is. The Inflight Multi ab and back machine helps you perform gym quality ab and back exercises that will really develop that six pack and strengthen your lower back.

People come in all shapes and sizes, so it's as well to ask - will you need a machine that everyone can use? If so, you're in luck, as it features adjustable seat height and foot brace positions to accommodate a wide range of users. If you're worried about how it will fit in with your decor, the adjustable ab/back pad comes in a stylish black upholstery, though custom upholstery is on offer.The machine also has a platinum or black frame color as an option.

The frame itself is made from 12 gauge minimum structural steel tubes for sturdiness and stability, and features 1/4" thick flanges, all electrostatically powder coated for a long lasting, handsome finish.

The 200 lb, easy access weight stack is made from cast steel weight plates which are lifetime warranted against breakage. Noise is kept to a minimum when you're using the machine by self-aligning plastic bushings and heavy duty rubber spacers below the weight stack, and smooth operation is ensured by ball bearing pivots.

The cables are made from 3/16" diameter, 7 x 19 strand cable, coated to 1/4", for strength and wear, and they run on pulleys made from 4 1/2" fiberglass impregnated nylon with double sealed roller bearings. This ensures both smooth operation and safety in use.

There's a lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects, on the frame and weight plates, with 1 year on cables and moving parts. Imagine the convenience of your own abs and back machine. How much would you be willing to pay for a handsome machine like this? You could easily and efficiently train your midsection and core - which not only protects your back, it makes you look great. Few things help your looks like washboard abs and a taut, tight stomach. And you could have them.

Inflight Multi ab and back machine is made by Inflight Fitness, a former aircraft parts manufacturer. In making it, they combined not just more than ten years of experience making commercial fitness equipment, but also the quality demanded by the aircraft industry, to bring you a machine of exceptional value and quality. Interested? Take a closer look at your Inflight Multi ab and back machine today.

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