Saturday, July 2, 2011

Want A Compact Home Gym System? Try The CAP Barbell Value Home Gym

You want a home gym, but you haven't got the space for a monster? This could be the answer. This CAP barbell home gym is one of the best home gyms you can get. It comes with a 150 lbs weight stack, but its small footprint - a mere 51" long by 35" wide, and standing 79" high - means it will fit into most homes or apartments easily.

Imagine the ease with which you can perform your own home workouts once you have this installed. No more gym commutes or waiting to use a gym station. You train when you want, and where you want, in the comfort of your own home. Of course, that also means no more excuses - like, "It's raining out", or, "I haven't got any clean kit" - when you don't feel like it. But the upside is you train when and how you want, for as long as you need. And you don't have to wait your turn on any machine or station. And what's that worth?

Want to work on your chest? Use the chest press and the pec flye. Give your back a workout? Use the lat pull down from the high pulley, or go for seated rows from the low pulley. Exercise your legs? Try the leg extension, or work your leg biceps with the leg curl. The CAP barbell value home gym is built to provide an all over body workout, in an economical machine that will fit into most homes or apartments. And it comes from a respected manufacturer, people who've been building this kind of equipment since 1984. In other words, they know what they're doing.

The CAP barbell value home gym comes ready to be built. If you allow plenty of time for a leisurely assembly and installation, an afternoon should be long enough for you to construct your home gym and get it set up and working. And after that, it's plain sailing.

It's good to go to the gym - but it's great to have your own gym in your house. Home fitness exercise equipment can save you money on gym membership and travel, but the savings aren't just about money - you save time and stress, too. How many times have you had to waste gym time because you can't get to the machine or station you want?

The CAP barbell value home gym helps you avoid all the stress and frustration of an overcrowded gym. If you want to get in shape, and you want to do it at home on a sensibly sized machine that won't leave you broke, try it out.

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