Monday, May 23, 2011

Are Home Cardio Workout and Fitness Programs Really That Good?

Not everyone can make it to the gym when they want, especially with today's hectic lifestyles. This can be particularly frustrating if you're following a fitness workout program for your weight loss management program.

Are there any good cardio and fitness programs on the market that pushes you, as if you were at the gym? One that you can do in the comfort of your own home? Are you better working from a book or a DVD workout?

One thing to consider about DVD format is that you can follow the program on a portable player at the gym instead of keep having to go back to look at a book.

1) But which one to choose?

2) Do you go for one that just does a cardio workout? Or one that targets an all over body workout?

3) Can you really get a good cardio workout in your home?

At least by working out at home when you've missed your gym session, you're not missing out on your fitness workout program.

Ideally all you need is your body and a little space to move about in, while following your workout. That's one question answered.

You should aim to workout as hard at home as you would in the gym. If you really are serious about your fitness then you really should be able to exercise anywhere. So that's another question answered.

Doing a workout out that targets all the major muscle groups intensely in a short period of time helps with both cardio and fitness. Another question answered.

So by the end of the workout you know you worked your body. But should you just be satisfied with a cardio and fitness workout? The physical side alone is not enough, it's no use completing a great workout, then eating and drinking the same old junk.

How about a nutritional guide and a recipe book that compliments the precise exercises that you're doing to help your achieve your goals? What use is a nutrition guide if you haven't got an idea on how to cook the ingredients that maximize the use of the food that you're putting in your body?

So the main answer has to be yes, any fitness program that gives you the best home cardio and fitness workout, plus nutritional guide, recipe book and progress chart will surely help you.

Most experts agree, cardio and fitness training alone is not the whole picture, it involves diet and nutritional change as well. Basically it's a full lifestyle change.But one that reaps rewards not only in how you look, but most importantly, how good you feel.

Train hard, live easy.

I myself, am a gym addict, I go because I really enjoy exercise and the different types of exercises that can be done there. I exercise for my own general health as I now have a heart condition(hereditary) and need to stay on top of it.However, in my past I've trained mainly because of my career ( I was in the forces) and for the sports I took part in, soccer, rugby, American football and free-style kickboxing.I also became a kickboxing instructor (2nd Degree Black Belt), teaching students from beginner to black belt level.

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