Sunday, May 8, 2011

What's Up With Women's Workouts?

Feeling sluggish and weak most of the time? Are we putting on some excess pounds? Ignoring the dangers of having extra weight may not be such a good idea when it comes to your health. We all know that regular exercise is an important element in achieving and maintaining good health and this is all the more important for women. Women's workout may look the same as men's workout, but in reality, they are different. Therefore, it is essential that you know how a woman's body differs from a man for you to be able to understand and determine which type of fitness plan will work for you.

Aside from the fact that men have a higher percentage of body mass and a lower percentage of body fat than women, women also have different problem areas and fitness goals. These two factors alone should be sufficient enough for fitness instructors to create a women's workout that will benefit the female gender. Fitness instructors should bear in mind that men want to concentrate on firming and toning their abs and arms, while women are more particular to having slender waists, firmer butts, and sleeker torsos.

Whether the reason for a woman to engage in a fitness plan is to either lose or gain weight, fitness gurus should design women's workout that are fun so much so that women are enjoying them instead of thinking and feeling how boring, tiresome, and rigorous they can become. One way to do this is by incorporating into a fitness module some activities women enjoy doing like dancing. You obviously have seen or read or heard about a lot of fitness clubs offering fitness classes such as pole dancing, belly dancing and aerobics classes with feather boas. These programs are one way to beat the hum-drum of the rigors of exercise and it definitely appeal to women.

For a totally effective women's workout, fitness classes should also take to mind the personalities and lifestyles of the women who inquire about or enroll in their programs. Perhaps they get career women who prefer to have their workout after office hours, or they are located in a community where there are busy moms who only have their own time when their kids are in school during the day. In some cases, fitness classes may be offered in a retirement home for women who have a passion for keeping fit and healthy even though they are already senior citizens. Workout routines should then revolve around these women's schedules, giving both the business and the customer a win-win situation.

Designing a women's workout really takes more than just setting up shop and having the latest exercise equipment. For women, simply going to the gym and performing lifts and push-ups just so you can say that you have a fitness routine going just would not work in the long run. With some effort and research on the female anatomy and the different workout techniques that work best for a woman's body, hitting the gym can become an enjoyable and rewarding experience for the female species.

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