Friday, May 13, 2011

Secrets Revealed in Designing Your Own Workout Fitness Plan

Do you find getting fit a chore? Have you found yourself wandering aimlessly in the gym without knowing what to do? Are you facing stagnation in your fitness journey? If so, you need to design a solid workout fitness plan for yourself.

First and foremost, you need to have a goal. Most people started out with goals such as to work out 3 times a week for twenty minutes. Such a goal is known as the process goal and is great for anyone who has yet to get into the habit of exercising. However, once you have hit your process goal, it is time to move to to outcome goals such as to lose 10 pounds in 4 weeks or to fit into my size 31 pants by the end of the year.

For a healthy fitness plan, you need to work towards your goals in hand with your diet and exercise plan. That means that your lifestyle must be able to accommodate it. An ideal exercise plan should match your intended routine to your goal. If you are aiming for weight loss, you cannot focus on strength training solely.

For most people, it makes sense to address your weak areas first. If you have a weak chest but a strong back, then aim to work out your chest muscles first. Experts recommend that you vary your training every 6 months or so.

An ideal training time should range from 20 to 40 minutes depending on your current fitness levels. It is not advisable to work beyond an hour as your body is probably working past its limits.

Most people also forget that sleep is an important part of your fitness. You need sufficient rest to allow your body to release the needed hormones to help build your muscles. For most people, that will be about 8 hours of sleep a day.

Developing a viable workout fitness plan is not difficult if you already know what you are going for. What is challenging is probably your discipline and commitment to put your plan into action. However, if you are able to do that, you will have no problems achieving your fitness goals.

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