Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cycling Your Gym Routines

If you are looking for ways to build your muscle building and strength development to the next level, you need to start cycling your gym routines. This is a concept that is rather alien to most people, however, the power it gives you in the gym is incredible.

Most people just workout in the gym, week in, week out. They get burnt out, and are not able to maintain the intensity levels required to build muscle or real world strength. That is because the human body is not built to maintain high intensity levels of exercise over the long term.

Cycling your gym routines is based around exercising for an 8-10 week period, and then taking a week rest to recover, develop muscle, and most importantly, build back up your mental reserves for another intense workout period.

The first week back in the gym, you reduce your weights by approximately 10%, and focus on perfecting your technique. As each workout progresses, you slowly work your way back to your previous records, and then surpass them. The rate in which you overtake your previous plateau is astounding, and will further motivate you. Once you reach your next plateau, you take another 1 week break, and continue the process.

By cycling your gym routines, you will ensure that you make constant progress in the gym. You will ensure that you are always building muscle, and increasing your strength. You will make sure that you don't burn out, or injure yourself, and will continue improving on yourself for the long term.

Cycling your gym routines is really magically, and something you must start doing immediately. If you are currently struggling in your weight training, then do yourself a favour. Take a week break, and then get back into it. Just notice how your energy levels have peaked, how you easily surpass your previous best, and how more motivated you feel.

If you have any doubt whether this works, just look at the people in your gym that workout constantly. How much have they changed? Be honest with yourself. If they are lifting pretty much the same weight as they were a month ago, and have put on next to no muscle, then you know this method just doesn't work.

Cycling your gym routines does work, and should be utilised by everyone.

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