Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Is Going From Being Skinny to Gaining Weight Fast Really Achievable? (What's The Best Approach?)

Often times it can almost cause a brain freeze in people who are skinny and want to gain weight when they hear from their friends and colleagues who want to lose weight. The natural thought that comes to mind is "Give it to me!" Because if you are naturally skinny you know that gaining weight fast is not something that you have been able to do in the past, and you may even be a little sceptical about how possible it really is.

Even if you aren't sceptical (perhaps because you haven't been trying very long), you are still aware of how difficult it is for you to gain any pounds, because you yourself have been faced with the reality of it for your whole life. You eat fatty food, a cream cake or lots of chips, and yet you never seem to gain weight.

You exercise with weights all the time and yet whilst you may feel good, you never look any different. And yet you know other people who train for two weeks and look like Mr Universe! It's just not fair.

The best approach to take if you find yourself in this position is to first of all realise that the reason that you haven't succeeded up until now is most likely because you have been following the advice dished out by people who are not naturally skinny, and have no problems gaining weight, and so simply are not on the same page as you.

So you first of all need to bin everything you have already tried, and instead try new approaches from people who are naturally skinny, but found ways to gain weight quickly.

They do exist and if you seek them out then your results will very quickly improve.

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