Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Deadlift To Build Muscle

Deadlifts are better than squats, to build muscle, in many cases. They are a very powerful exercise that will put slabs of muscle on a person, very fast. People have ignored this truth for too long, choosing to take the easier, softer way of making excuses for their inability to progress.

Why are deadlifts a better exercise in some cases?

Well, people have different body types. Depending upon individual anatomical differences, a person will perform exercises differently. The effectiveness of an exercise could vary from one person to another. Some people are more suited to squats, and others are more suited to deadlifts.

How does a person know if deadlifts are best for them?

The easiest way for a person to tell whether or not deadlifts are best for them is to perform an experiment. They should test to see which exercise they can move the most weight in. If you can deadlift quite a bit more weight than you can squat, you should give deadlifts preference over squats.

How many sets and reps should a person perform if their body type is more suited to deadlifts?

You need to do at least 6 reps to build muscle. Up to 20 repetitions per set can be productive, but typically a person would be better staying at 10 or below. 4-5 sets should be plenty when working at the 6RM and 1-2 sets should be sufficient when working at 20RM.

How must a person eat to build muscle with deadlifts?

Deadlifts stimulate nearly 75% of your muscles. These muscles need calories to grow bigger. In my experience, I find it best to concentrate on eating healthy foods. I suggest that you double the intake suggested on the food pyramid, which will give you a healthy 4000 calorie diet.

Are there any supplements that will help a person build muscle mass?

Deadlifts are very demanding, and there a few supplements I have found to be helpful. I would suggest taking whey protein powder, creatine monohydrate, and a multivitamin. These three basic supplements will aid you in recovering from your workout.

The plan laid out here is simple, and it will be helpful to some of you. Test to see if you are more ideally suited to deadlifts or squats. If you are suited to deadlifts, combine them with a healthy 4000 calorie diet, and you will build muscle mass as fast as possible. What are you waiting for?

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