Monday, February 7, 2011

Top Workout Videos For Home, Office and Travel Fitness

Workout videos are a perfect alternative to spending unrealistic time in the health club. They can also save you the valuable time that you would spend driving to and from the gym. For most people with careers and families this is the difference between sticking with an effective fitness plan and not having one at all. Workout videos that do not require any equipment are a great tool for overcoming many obstacles that would normally keep most people from exercising.

Not all workout videos are created equal. With so many of them to choose from, how do you know which video is right for you? There are a lot of old and outdated workout videos that are still available. There are also a good bunch of new ones that are worthless. But there are a select few that offer all the elements that you'd want in your workout videos. Effective, efficient and safe are three points you want to screen for when trying to find the ideal workouts videos for your lifestyle and your goals.

There is a simple, common sense process you can go through to help narrow down your choices and help you determine which workout videos are most appropriate for your specific needs and goals. Some time for thought is all that's needed.

First, its a good idea to determine your preferences. Are you interested in workout videos that have several people performing the exercises in a class type format? Or would you rather have one fitness professional guiding you through each move? Do you prefer workout videos with music or without? Most people prefer without music as this allows for the option of choosing your own music - if you wish.

Next, you should take your starting measurements and put your goals on paper. Its much easier to choose workout videos that are appropriate when you know where you are starting form and where you want to go with your fitness goals. Do you need weight loss? Are you trying to gain muscle weight? Are you in need of flexibility conditioning? The best workout videos implement the concept gradual progression for all levels of fitness. These types of workout videos can offer a beginner a safe and effective starting point and they can also provide advanced levels of intensity for someone who has been working out regularly and is ready for better results.

Third, you should review the fitness professional behind the workout videos you are interested in. While a handful of big names can be found in most department and sporting goods stores, there are a small number of 'underground' workout pros who are creating, marketing and distributing their own lines of safe, efficient and effective workout videos. An easy way to do this is to find several workout videos that interest you. Then run a search of their creator's names one of the big search engines. See what you can find out about them and their workout videos.

Fourth, look for workout videos that come with a generous refund return period. A one month guarantee/refund period is useless since most people don't really get into a workout video until six or seven weeks from the date purchase. You should have enough time to try the workout videos and see what changes, if any, are starting to happen. You will not be looking to return the workout videos you have chosen if they are getting you the results you are looking for - makes a bit of sense, right?

Lastly, look for workout videos that include progression plans or an exercise schedule. The workout videos will show you the actual workout and specific exercises while the progression plans should show you the days, the sets and the number of repetitions over the course of several months. Programs that do not come with a plan or schedule on how to use the workout videos will leave you with a lot of guesswork. Don't bother with these types of workout videos as they will only end up collecting dust and leave you 'still searching'.

Take some time and give a little thought when shopping for your ideal workout videos. Your small investment in time will pay you back with great health and fitness improvements.

Joey Atlas, Exercise Physiologist, is the creator of several Internationally distributed, Home, Office and Travel Workout Videos.

He is also the mastermind of the Top Body Toning Video Series for Men and Women.

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