Friday, February 11, 2011

How To Build Muscle and Gain Weight Quickly - And Stop Feeling Frustrated At Your Lack Of Progress

Frustration is a very common emotion amongst naturally skinny people who feel that they have been dealt the dud genetic hand, and simply cannot seem to gain any weight. They are left wondering why it is that most people seem to be able to effortlessly put on weight, and yet they cannot. They have tried all the usual suspects like eating more, copious amounts of exercise and eating weird and wonderful supplements that claim to be able to stimulate weight gain, and yet they stay skinny and shapeless.

The problem is that they are approaching gaining weight in the wrong way. The best way to build muscle and gain weight quickly is not to randomly try eating lots of different things (until you have no idea of what you actually ate!) Or do randomly do lots of exercises, or down supplements on an ad-hoc basis.

The best way to overcome your frustration at your lack of progress is to instead take a totally different approach, and first of all ditch random snacking and exercise. And instead seek out carefully designed programs that were put together by naturally skinny people who have then found (often through lots of trial and error), the best combination of methods to gain weight if you are not a normal weight gainer.

Seeking structured help is essential, because it can help to combat the feelings of frustration that you are otherwise probably experiencing right now, and will help to alleviate them, and instead give you the quick weight gain that you want.

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