Sunday, January 9, 2011

If You Are Looking To Build Muscle While Losing Fat - This Is For You

Building muscle and losing fat, is what you should be shooting for.

Having additional muscle is a great idea, because with additional muscle mass you will burn more calories, make everyday living easier, give you confidence that you will be able to handle tough tasks that you are confronted with, and build self-esteem.

Building muscle mass while losing fat, is perfect for fine tuning your body, to reach the peak of your potential.

Some great benefits:
You'll sleep betterYou'll have more energyYou'll have a better outlook on lifeYou'll be able to finish tasks easier and fasterImproved self-esteemLess stressGeneral feeling of well-beingMore resistance to diseaseQuicker recovery from illnessAnd many more benefits

Gaining additional muscle mass, while you lose fat, go hand in hand with a healthy, optimized goal for good health.

The building muscle part of this equation is pretty straightforward:
Increase whole protein consumptionBegin, or increase working outIncrease high quality carbohydrate consumptionBe consistent

Some sources of whole protein:
ChickenTurkeyTunaCheeseBeefEggsMilkProtein supplements

Some sources of high quality carbohydrates:
CerealsGrains and breads: Bagels, whole wheat bread, white breadWhite ricePastaMuffinsFruits: Apricots, bananas, blueberries, figs, apples, grapes, orangesBeans: Refried beans, chickpeas, white beans, garbanzo beans, navy beansPotatoesSweet potatoesCarrotsCorn

As far as working out to build muscle and lose fat, you should workout about 3 times a week. Be consistent, do it faithfully. Don't make the workout so hard that you dread doing it. Make it challenging and enjoyable.

Set up a part of your home where you can do your workouts. It can be in your basement, or if you have a spare room that would be fine. Preferably a light airy place that would be conducive to a good workout.

For building muscles you should start with light weights, to get your body acclimated to using muscles that you hardly ever use. The goal is to work up to heavy weights with low repetitions. Your workouts should include targeting all parts of your body, you want a nice muscular proportional body.

For losing fat, you should train with low weights and high repetitions, this will help you lose fat and streamline your body.

Now these two routines seems at odds with each-other, high reps-low weights versus low reps-high weights, but what you will need to do is to have 2 low rep workouts and one high rep workout per week. That way you cover building muscle mass and also the losing fat part of your goal.

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