Monday, January 24, 2011

Why You Can Stop Being Skinny And Become The Buff Dude You Always Wanted To Be!

Don't listen to the naysayers, or even that little voice in your head that says that gaining weight is hard (or even impossible) for naturally skinny guys and that you should just roll over and accept that you will always be skinny. You can do something about it. You simply need to change your approach if you want to become the buff dude that you always wanted to be.

The biggest problem that most naturally skinny guys have is that they eat a load of food, don't put on any weight, and then assume that somehow their genetics is inherently against them and that there is nothing they can do to fight back against it and regain the handsome body shape that they have always dreamed of.

This is a false assumption. Just because randomly eating more has not gained you the weight or muscle that you desire does not mean that it is not possible. It simply means that you are eating the wrong foods, and training in the wrong ways.

This isn't your fault, because most of the weight gain advice is written by buff guys who have no problem gaining weight, and so all of the thrust of their programs is not aimed at you. It's like a Hells Angel teaching you how to knit! It's just not going to be as good.

You can stop being skinny, but you should instead focus on using the advice of guys who are NATURALLY skinny, because they have insights and the school of hard knocks as their teachers. And by changing subtle, small elements of your lifestyle it is very possible to see dramatically different results in your weight, as long as they are the right elements.

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