Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fitness Model Workout Principles

If you wish to become a fitness model you need to know how to workout in the right way. Fitness model workouts follow certain principles which you need to follow if you plan to ever have any success in this field. To be a sports model you need to have a perfect body. Having too much fat is destructive. However, having too much muscle is also forbidden since the bulky look is definitely not what magazines are looking for. It's just not considered that attractive.

So, you're looking for the lean, elongated, toned look, and not the bulky look. This is a huge mistake which many model wannabes make: becoming too bulky.

In order to get that lean look your workouts need to be comprised of 3 parts:

1. Cardio - I guess you already knew that, but the how is the important thing. Your cardio workouts need to be targeted to achieve the most fat loss. That's why the best cardio fitness workouts are interval workouts. You're going to be spending enough time at the gym already. Don't waste it on long cardio. Make your workouts short and intensive. This will cut the fat right off and leave you lean all over.

2. Resistance workouts - This is weight training and body weight training. You see I'm not mentioning machines here since they are a big no-no for fitness models. Weight training or body weight training is better than machines for a number of reasons: it gives better results, it is safer, and it is healthier. Again, you need to stand out of the crowd. Fitness model exercises are not done on machines if they can be done with free weights. Remember that.

3. Stretching - Most people don't do stretches but you need to. First of all, being flexible will allow you to compete better. Second, it helps you achieve that elongated look to your muscles. Third, it is very healthy and reduces the risk of injury. Don't neglect this part of the workout. It is crucial.

Now that you know the principles of a good fitness model workout, all you need to do is apply it.

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