Saturday, June 25, 2011

What Is Shake Weight - Shocking Shake Weight Review

Modern technology has contributed a lot to elite muscle toning and body shaping. Today, another product has been making a buzz in the health and fitness market. That is Shake Weight.

Shake Weight was recently introduced on the market and it has been recognized as an all new method of toning arm muscles. Its principle is based on the concept of traditional weight lifting but it has an extra twist. It actually produces vibration when being used. It's designed to maximize and intensify weight lifting.

You probably have heard about this or maybe you have seen it in ads, on TV or demonstrations in malls and other places. It could be that you just did not pay attention to it because you don't know exactly what this thing is supposed to do to your body. Well, people been have going crazy over this product because it's a new and fun innovation to add to your weight plan.

What's the hype all about and is it worth it? It was designed based on the science of muscle activity while lifting weights. It actually uses vibration plate technology wherein it produces vibration when being used for workouts. The vibration from shake weight makes weight lifting even more effective. It causes the muscles to relax and contract many times during a short workout session. Because of the vibration, it's more effective than the traditional lifting of dumbbells. Actually, using it six minutes a day can surpass the mount of workout that can be achieved with multiple repetition and sets of lifting ordinary dumbbells. This is what they claim, but I believe the best results will be gained from using it in conjunction with other unique and easy workouts.

The Shake Weight for women is designed a little lighter than the one for men. The women's model weighs 5 lbs or 2.3 kgs. and the men's model weighs 10 lbs or 4.5 kgs.

Initially, it was designed only for women. Yet, after realizing that it may also be beneficial for men, a heavier version was created. With proper use, you will be able to tone your forearms, biceps and triceps. Using Shake Weight is like total workout for your arms. They say by regularly using it the way you are supposed to, you can forget about the various exercises that you do for your arms. You will be cutting down the amount of time that you have to spend working out on your arm muscles while still getting great results. So go get to work.

Ultimately though, if you really want to get great results, there are a few different tricks and tips that you have to use to get the best looking arms and upper body. If you use it while still doing a few other exercises, you can see really amazing results.

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