Saturday, June 4, 2011

Get Fit - Anywhere!

What are some of the reasons why we all decide not to exercise? Wait! Wait! Wait! I think I can guess! Can't find time? Don't have enough money for a gym? Can't figure out the right exercises to do? Can't decide what equipment to use? If you take away all the excuses, you're only left with "I can't". Well now is the time to throw away all the excuses and just get going! I'm here to give you some effective workouts that you can do anywhere, anytime, and get some amazing results!

In your backyard:

This workout takes no room at all. You will have enough room in your backyard to do this circuit of challenging body weight exercises. Make sure to time how long it takes you to complete this workout. You should repeat the same workout in a couple of weeks to see how you're progressing in your fitness. Let's see the workout shall we?

4 rounds for time of:

10 Bodyweight Squats

15 Pushups

20 Situps

25 Jumping Jacks

30 Superman Back Extensions

Run 1x around the block

In the hotel room:

This is assuming there is not a gym at the hotel you're staying at. This workout takes very little space at all and requires very little equipment, but will get your heart rate up and muscles burning! The only piece of equipment you'll need that you won't find in a hotel room is a resistance tube with handles. You can find this piece of equipment anywhere from Target to a sports store. Next time you're in a hotel room bored out of your mind, make good use of your time! Try this workout:

20 Burpees

20 Rotating Planks (per side)

20 Alternating Lunges (per leg)

20 Leg Raises

20 Tube Rows

20 Reverse Crunches

15 Burpees

15 Rotating Planks (per side)

15 Alternating Lunges (per leg)

15 Leg Raises

15 Tube Rows

15 Reverse Crunches

10 Burpees

10 Rotating Planks (per side)

10 Alternating Lunges (per leg)

10 Leg Raises

10 Tube Rows

10 Reverse Crunches

5 Burpees

5 Rotating Planks (per side)

5 Alternating Lunges (per leg)

5 Leg Raises

5 Tube Rows

5 Reverse Crunches

At work:

Do this workout during your lunch break at work. It sure beats stuffing yourself with food that will probably

do more harm for your body than good. When you're all done with the workout, treat yourself to a bowl of fruit and a healthy sandwich minus the mayo!

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of the following three exercises:

Jump Squat

Push up

Jump rope (x10)

Finish the workout with a lap around your company's parking lot or a large building.

In the plane:

Did he just say on the plane?! I know you're thinking I'm nuts! Bear in mind this is not a normal workout I'd usually give, mainly stretches to keep you loose during your flight. And please, keep your tray in the upright position while doing these exercises!

Before you sit in your seat grab hold of the overhead storage shelf and with your arms straight, drop down as much of your body weight as you can keeping your arms straight. This will stretch out a lot of muscles in the upper body including the back, chest and shoulders.

Leg stretches while seated are vital. Straighten out one leg at a time to keep the hamstrings loose while being seated on long flights. If you have to use the restroom during the flight, walk on your tip toes to get there. This will keep the blood flowing in the lower leg. Also, be sure to stretch the chest by placing your palms at your lower back and then bring your elbows as close as you can together.

You can also stretch the neck while you are seated. Place your hand on the crown of your head, from there gently push your head down so your chin touches your chest. Hold for a few seconds then place your hand to the right side of your head and tilt your head to the left. Hold for a few seconds then repeat on the other side.

And there you have it, a few workouts to get you started on getting fit anywhere you may be.

I hope you enjoy the workouts. If you have any questions about the exercises or want to find out how to work with me directly, send me an email at Enjoy!

Buddy Soto is a personal trainer and a boot camp instructor in the San Francisco Bay Area. He offers both online fitness consulting and face to face training in the Bay Area. To learn more about Buddy and what he has to offer, check out some of his sites: - []


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