Sunday, June 26, 2011

What Are The Top Brand Treadmills And Why?

Treadmills are one of the most popular pieces of fitness equipment available and they have held the number one spot for many years. Almost all gyms and health centers have treadmills in their line up of exercise machines because they provide a great cardiovascular workout for jogging, walking or intense running. Treadmills have also made their way into millions of private homes, as favorite personal fitness equipment for people who want to work out within the confines of their homes. Treadmills are also rated at the top, when it comes to burning fats and calories, and weight loss.

Because of the success of the treadmills, hundreds of manufacturers have created their own treadmill models, with varying sizes, features and specifications to suit the needs of different types of users. Choosing a particular brand can be therefore quite overwhelming because of the large selection of treadmill choices. A lot of people therefore ask, what are the top brand treadmills and why? What should I look for in a treadmill? What features do I need from a treadmill?

So, what are the top brand treadmills and why are they considered to be at the top of the ranks? Here are a few of the top brands of treadmills, and the reasons why they are considered to be market leaders.

Proform has created one of the highest selling brands of treadmills in the market. It has a large selection of treadmills that suit the needs of different customers. One thing that sets the Proform treadmills apart from the other treadmills in the market, is that it is made to be affordable, but with a high quality craftsmanship and tested durability. Proform offers treadmill units for as low as 500 dollars, and have mid priced models that cost up to 2000 dollars. Even its mid-priced models are highly ranked by top fitness professionals because of their reliability and durability.

Smooth has probably one of the best marketing strategies in the world of treadmills because it largely targets the online market, which allows it to sell top quality treadmills at a lower retail price. This also makes ordering a lot easier for millions of consumers, who do not want to shop at local dealers and retailers. Smooth treadmills have also been known to have a stable and firm structure, with most of their units equipped with the swing arm shock absorption technology. This technology allows for greater cushioning that enables users to burn a lot of calories by allowing muscles to move at lower intensities for a longer period of time.

Sole treadmills have enjoyed a very good reputation in the fitness industry. They have always been regarded by a lot of health experts and gym instructors as one of the top treadmill units in the market. Sole treadmills have stable and strong bodies, with excellent cushioning that lessens the impact of high intensity workouts on the knees, joints and legs. Their cushioning system, also known as CushionFlex, greatly reduces any chances of hurting your back, knees, hips and ankles while doing a variety of treadmill workouts.

Here is a complete list of top brand model treadmills and find out what features you need to consider when buying any treadmills for sale. Good luck with your search.

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