Thursday, June 16, 2011

Why Dumbbell Workouts for Men Are One of the Best Ways to Workout at Home

If you are thinking about setting up a home gym you are one of a growing number of folk leaving the gym behind. For many people the gym is actually more a barrier to a great body than a help.

Workouts at home promise to save you time, money, and the hassle of queuing up for that piece of equipment everyone seems to want to use today. Still, it's a promise not always fulfilled. If you want to succeed you need to make sure you have the best home gym equipment to help you.

The best home gym equipment is the kind that you actually use. The good news is that if like most people you are after a slim, lean and toned physique you don't need a bunch of expensive equipment. You can build a great body using the simplest and cheapest of tools: dumbbells.

Why dumbbell workouts are one of the best ways to workout

1) Cost

Dumbbells are cheap. Cheap enough that you won't feel guilty about buying them. It's an investment in your fitness future that doesn't break the bank. In fact you'll be ready to go to for less than the cost of the typical month's gym membership.

2) Flexibility

Dumbbells can be adapted to suit you, offering different exercises to suit any routine. You can work your body back to front and head to toe with a little know-how. Who needs fancy machines?

3) Free weights develop real-world coordination

Unlike machines designed to move in one plane of motion only, dumbbells have no restrictions. Your body must adapt to stabilize itself during the exercise just as if in real-world movements. This means the workouts give you functional fitness you can use. This kind of workout not only makes you better looking, it makes you better at life.

4) Convenience

Dumbbells are easy to store. You don't have to turn your home into a shrine to Schwarzenegger. Just use them, then put them away. No one need ever know how you got so good-looking!

5) Progress at your own pace

You can easily add to your program to achieve progression. Add more repetitions, more sets, reduce rest between sets, or simply add a little weight to the bar. So there you have it, pound for pound dumbbells offer you one of the best ways to workout there is. You'd almost be dumb not to choose them!

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