Tuesday, June 14, 2011

York Barbell 300 Pound Olympic Weight Set - Best Home Gym Exercise Equipment You Can Get?

Want to get serious with your weight training? Thinking about buying a set of weights and a barbell? Tuck them away in a spare room or garage, and you've got the beginnings of a home gym right there. Which is always ready and available whenever you feel like a workout - and isn't that better than paying time and again to belong to a gym that gets so crowded you can't even see the machines?

The York Barbell name has been associated with weightlifting since the firm began in 1935. What you get with this offering from them is a 300lb Olympic set of black metal plates, along with a 7' chrome bar and spring collars. The bar is a real 45 lb Olympic bar, unlike many other "value" weight sets that substitute a 35 lb bar.

As someone who's used a set of York weights since starting out with weight training, I can recommend the brand. Imagine your own ideal home gym set up, then add this set of York weights to it. And they're all the exercise gear you'll ever need. The 300 lbs of weight plates is enough to provide a challenging workout for most gym users, and the hefty Olympic bar isn't going to wear out any time soon. The weight plates and the total package are as follows:

2 of the 45 lb plates2 of the 35 lb plates2of the 25 lb plates2 0f the 10 lb plates4 of the 5 lb plates2 of the 2.5 lb plates

- plus one 45 lb chrome Olympic bar (700 lb test), and one set of Olympic spring collars. Which, taken all together, makes it a great set for the home gym owner. It's as well to note that the plates are rough cast, and some variation in color is possible.

You're ready to work out. So you load up your York Olympic bar and try a warm up set, just to get the blood pumping. Solid, well made gear, with a reassuring heft to it. The product is, as advertised, a nice Olympic weight set with a solid 45 lb bar. Good quality for the price, and most reviewers report that the delivery was quick and efficient and they're happy with their purchase.

And that's it. Want to get serious with your weight training? Want the convenience of your own weights set, and the security of a quality, well built product that will serve you through a lifetime of getting in shape and staying that way? Try the York 300 lb barbell set.

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