Monday, June 6, 2011

Fitness Ab Workouts - How to Get That Six Pack Appeal

It is a common idea among fitness gurus that the way a person's ab muscles are shaped and look somehow affect the totality of the impression they project. A gorgeously-displayed six-pack is an awesome thing to behold. And somehow for the minds of most people who get to take a glimpse of it registers an image of a fitness fanatic trying to get rid of those unwanted and ugly pot belly fats. Images of malformed arms, uneven chest and legs flash as if denoting an enormous demand for gym engagements. It may somehow appear that hours of rigorous fitness ab workouts aimed at rectifying the ugliness of all the muscles are close to doing the impossible.

An awful-looking and bulging tummy vice a beautifully-sculptured one is a mess. While people may tend to regard abs at different perspectives as stout and fit, no fitness gurus are efficient and no fitness regimens or workout programs are beneficial unless enthusiasts commit themselves completely responsible for whatever it is that may become of their own bodies.

The following fitness ab workouts should be helpful to put the abs at proper perspectives.


On a fitness platform, lie down and flex your knees lightly so the feet are secured flatly on the floor. Press your hands on the back of your head, then slowly bring up the shoulders off the floor. On every rear up, make sure the neck is secure and is not forced up while pressing the abdominal muscles gently.

Lift just the shoulder blades up from the floor and remain suspended in that position for a couple of seconds before retreating the shoulders to the fitness mat. Make sure not to retreat the shoulders completely to the floor prior to repeating the sequence. With 2 seconds interval between repetitions, this workout can be done in 3 sets consisting of around 20 repeats.


Start out with a couple of ropes secured on the cable machine. Feet pressed on the floor, grasp the ropes with both hands and lock them on your head's sides. Then slowly, bring your elbows around your knees feeling and holding the contracting muscles for about 3 seconds. Stretch up to the point where the trunk is parallel to the ground. The sequence may be carried out for about 20-30 repeats in sets of 3 for people with average weight.


Utilizing both of the hands to maintain balance and even position, hold on to the sides of the exercise bench while sitting on its edge. With your legs extended outward now, bring or bend your knees closely to your chest making sure that the abdominal muscles are being contracted in the process. Keep suspended in this position for about a couple of seconds before slowly stretching the legs back to relax prior to going over the entire sequence again. As much as possible, the springing and bouncing should be kept at a minimum level. This workout can be done for 15-30 repeats in 3 sets.

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